Why is this Assange an issue for the Alice Council …

Comment on Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange by John Bell.

Why is this Assange an issue for the Alice Council to take action on? What connection has Assange with the Council, or with Alicians? Why is the Alice Council taking over a political role beyond its charter; a constitutional role of federal parliament?

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Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange
@ Jonathan Pilbrow. “(Punishment) for publishing news material that was in the public interest.”
Wow. That’s a neat throwaway line that whitewashes the enormity of what Assange actually did.
Many, many American families are still grieving today for the sons and brothers and daughters and sisters whose undercover lives behind enemy terrorist lines were revealed and “disappeared” when Assange indiscriminately disclosed details that helped identify them to the enemy.
A keyboard warrior, safe in his underground virtue signalling nerd world, snuffed their lives.
He did not even have the decency, far less respected them and their loved ones, before he went for glory as a self-styled martyr to the “public interest”.
Many people would argue that he deserves the same fate. Citizenship or no citizenship issue.

Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange
@ Evelyne Roullet @ Charlie Carter: Charlie – I read in Evelyne’s comment that Evelyne was questioning what right does the Council have to make formal representation to the Federal government in this Assange matter on behalf of the council’s residents (the people)?
I also question that right. In presuming to speak for all residents, the council is abusing an individual citizen’s right to privacy, the right to express one’s individual view to government in an issue outside council charter.

Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange
@Malcolm S. Thank you for your thoughts. Your quote: “Now if you don’t care about the rights of Australian Citizens or think that Julian Assange doesn’t deserve human rights, that’s another matter altogether”

With due respect, this is a supposition of the same genre as the question “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” Answering yes or no condemns whichever answer. Your supposition presupposes the obvious answer of all reasonable people – yes of course as a reasonable (like you) I believe in every Aussie citizen’s protection of his and her human rights. (And believe me when I say that I have been down that path with with the Human Rights Commission. In a ratherlong and painful journey).

But in answering yes to your supposition, your conclusion is that I should therefore agree with you that the Alice Council should approach the federal government formally on this issue. I simply disagree with you that the Council should do this. For the reasons I have previously stated. There are citizen avenues to approach the Human Rights Commission and members of parliament in due process to get whatever it is you or I may believe is justice in any given rights issue.

I simply see Councils becoming political voices, departing from their charter responsibilities, assuming a political role beyond their charter. In the most over -governed country per head of population in the western democratic world, we all want to become chiefs in a cause(s) of our individual choosing, ignoring the integrity of due process channels that underpins the obtaining of justice.

Recent Comments by John Bell

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The developments in this case promise to raise questions about the whole process of assessment of oldies in care.
It will also shine a spotlight on carers and their role in the aged care system.
The carer in this case is showing remarkable compassion and understanding.
A role model to be highly commended and praised by the profession.

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“The program is scheduled to be delivered over several years and will deliver a contemporary digital solution to support frontline staff working with vulnerable children and young people.”
This describes a $64 MILLION program to provide TEMPORARY SUPPORT FOR CASE WORKERS who are trying to solve runaway youth crime and criminal behaviour.
What the heck does “a temporary digital solution over several years” actually mean? To the average station hand, builder’s labourer or copper loader in the railway yards it means diddly squat and sounds like bureaucratic gobbledigook.
Does the average punter understand how throwing multi millions of dollars at a computer-generated program operated by computer geeks sitting in offices (probably outsourced to overseas computer geeks run by Asian companies) can in any way make a hands-on difference on the street and in our juvenile justice system? In Alice? At Yuendumu?
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All very well. But as soon as you are the victim of a violent home invasion, all the stats and graphs in the world mean nothing. For so many victims and their families, things are never quite the same again.

Old Timers Village resident locked in
@Max Gillies: Your comment “religious organisation” appears to imply that the Old Timers is dodgy because it is administered by a Christian faith.
Your comment does a grave disservice to the wonderful care that religious faiths give to people of all ages who are in need.
For any sins of negligent care that these faith organisations may be guilty, there are equal if not more sins of negligent care that proliferate in the secular non-religious public and private.
Because they do not identify with any religion they fly under the anti-religious radar of the critical public and are systemically much harder to pin down.

Brief moment of hope for locked in senior
This is a very sad and very difficult case. Efforts should be made to go to Brisbane and sit down with the daughter to try to arrange a reconciliation between dad and daughter. Family comes first. Regulations and the rule book come a distant second.

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