Kieran, thank you for your informed reporting of this matter …

Comment on Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange by Jerry Fitzsimmons.

Kieran, thank you for your informed reporting of this matter of grave concern.
How lucky are we here in Alice Springs to be able to receive your reportage, without prejudice.
You point out the 26 year history of the Alice Springs News and the motto under the current masthead.
[That motto could equally] read “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.
Your coverage has been a stalwart of news reporting for our town, our territory and our country and in all that time I can never recall you insulting, among others, our American neighbours and/or friends who share this town with us.
Those I know are proud Americans who would understand that we are proud Australian citizens.
We come from many parts of the world, some become citizens here, and we understand and share the cultural differences that each of us bring.
We all share an understanding of the merits of natural justice and what our moral obligations are and this further exemplifies the truth telling that the Alice Springs News promotes, an understanding as to why you are still going strong some 26 years later.
As I began, a mighty thank you once again and as always, for the transparency you disclose that keeps us all informed about our local ‘representation’ at Council.

Jerry Fitzsimmons Also Commented

Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange
WOW, what an insight to democracy and such a great platform to accept all comments about Julian Assange.
Just a couple of points of information; Kieran Finnane brought attention to the vote on a motion (accompanied by a petition) at the next Town Council meeting. Thanks Kieran.
This will occur in Council Chambers on Monday 24th February, open to the public and starting at 5.30 pm and yes, the elected councillors can add the Alice Springs Town Council voice to other Australian Local Government voices who are notifying the elected members of the Australian Federal Government that they urgently need to act for an Australian citizen who is locked in a high security UK prison with no charges against him.
Julian Assange must be repatriated to Australia as should be the case for any Australian citizen who gets locked up for carrying out their profession and revealing to all of us, as any professional journalist would do, the truth. This is not a crime.
On that same date, Julian Assange will face his first trial proceedings in the UK to face extradition to the US.
Local Government is a tier of government and it “affirms its commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights … and should act towards one another in a spirit of common humanity…”.
This is why council support is being sought.

Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange
Richard, “ Life is easy with eyes closed”.

Recent Comments by Jerry Fitzsimmons

Local passions run high from public morality to human rights
Simon Pettit, I cannot let you hang in there on your own.
Your comments and likely knowledge add clarity to the legal ramifications of Town Council Policy and the Local Government Act. Thank you.
It would be remiss of me not to comment on the meeting I attended to support the motion on behalf of Australian citizen, Julian Assange.
We all still have a right to voice our opinions, as did Cr. Jacinta Price, on the phone, during this meeting which as I said, I attended.
Cr. Prices’s comment that she was “fed up with things being brought to the chamber, that were not going to benefit the community” were, to say the least, astonishing.
This remark reminded me of one of the ‘things’ the people of Alice Springs who elected Cr. Price would like to see being brought to the chamber – herself.
Cr. Price is being recognised as merely one of the “faceless people” of Alice Springs Town Council.
All that is being asked is “bring yourself to the chamber or resign”.
We, the ratepayers, are paying for Cr. Price’s absences or apologies and in all honesty Cr. Price is doing little to demonstrate her future responsibilities when asking the people of Alice Springs and the Northern Territory to once again elect her to represent them either at Territory or National level.
As I stated before, please start by bringing yourself to Council Chambers.

Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up
Michael Liddle. Spoken like a true leader. I seriously hope your comments are listened to, even acted on. I further hope you will put your knowledge to those who can work in a positive way with you.
Families are desperate for help. They want honesty. Young fellas need your respectful support.
I am pleased to hear how succinctly you put your argument. It does not sound political, it sounds genuine.
You can have my support to take your honest comments forward and try whatever it takes to keep most of these young people out of a system that just labels them ‘criminals’ for the most of the rest of their lives.
No one benefits, least of all they or their families. I guess businesses would be supportive of any initiatives you have but, first they need to hear what you have in mind.
I applaud you most sincerely for your comments.

War on Iran must be prevented
Dear Mr Bell (John): Your comments are important but clearly, every individual from war torn backgrounds carry a different and personal perspective pending the religious discrimination and persecution they may have experienced in their country of birth.
Australia is a young and wonderfully democratic country and the peacemakers who stand up against injustices are to be commended for protesting and demonstrating to keep their own country free and vibrant from outside influences.
I applaud your commentary about your friend and I would encourage you, on his behalf to respect what he must now deeply feel about freedom and peace in his new country.

Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
Thank you Steve Thorne.
I hope you are reading this from afar. You obviously may have have a connection to “Central Australia” and maybe even Alice Springs.
You have hit the nail on the head.
From Alex’s comments to our contemporaries who comment on our future we all have one thing in common.
We have chosen to live here in The Alice for many reasons and many who live here because they were born here accept us for what we are. That’s why we stay.
Steve, you pose a great message to us all and that is to follow up on what you suggest.
Maybe, in going one step further, we could invite such success participants as yourself to our town. Allow you all to address a public forum telling your success accomplishments to everyone who wants to hear and not just meet the selected few who may believe they are wiser than all of us.
Yes, there are obvious blame stories to suggest that the town is failing but every one of us would dearly love to see a much safer place for all and I guess no more so than the brave business people who keep our supplies available to us.
They are the reason why many more of us need to seriously look at what you are suggesting, Steve, and take this opportunity to be pro-active and better informed.
Thank you for supplying the contact for Gosnells and I would encourage anyone who wants to do so to contact this group.
I will and I hope many others do, so that the information we receive we can share with each other and not just have to depend on the few community representative organisations who may not be “authorised” to report their findings back to us.
I believe we all must chip in and offer something better than snide remarks about how to make our town a flourishing one for tourists to enjoy coming to.

Alice group says ‘no’ to extradition of Assange
John Bell, I couldn’t agree with you more: we do live in “a town that has a magnificent sporting tradition”.
My reading of what Ms Richardson was referring to was “a public meeting” and not about a “Socialist group rally”.
Ms Richardson also pointed out that Mr Assange is Australian.
No doubt he rattled some cages but in doing so he was informing us of information most of us knew nothing about and may never have. Fair go Aussie.
I love my sport, but I dearly love living and by being kept informed I would therefore take this public opportunity to thank people like Mr Assange for sharing such important information with us all, whether a Socialist or otherwise.
Sunday’s meeting, I believe, is a public forum, at least, that’s what I read.

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