How insulting to our “very large American contingent in town”! Are …

Comment on Cr Auricht: All the way with USA on fate of Assange by Frank Baarda.

How insulting to our “very large American contingent in town”!
Are we to assume that all of this contingent agree with this travesty of justice?
Just as Australia is politically evenly split, so too is the U.S.A.
It wouldn’t surprise me if a significant number of American residents in Alice Springs are as opposed to Assange’s treatment as many of us Australians are.

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Uranium in water at three times the safe level: Claim
For all it’s worth, a common misconception is that it is the radioactivity which makes uranium dangerous to people’s health. Uranium is a “heavy metal” and it is mainly this quality which has serious health implications.
A moot point to ponder: To which extent is health harm caused by drinking uranium containing water offset by the health benefits of substituting sugar containing drinks with this water?
Or the carbon footprint of plastic bottled water for that matter.

Man jumps from court dock to freedom
PS: In the case of POWs I believe attempting to escape is a duty. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Man jumps from court dock to freedom
Interesting that.
I don’t know what the situation is now but in the Netherlands in 1957 the charge of “escaping from custody” did not exist.
At the time a highly publicised gaol escape of a man who wanted to spend Christmas with his family took place.
When he handed himself in he faced no further charges or additional gaol time.
The rationale was that attempting to or escaping from custody is a natural human reaction to being restrained.
The people who allowed him to escape where regarded as having failed in their duties.

Newmont gold mine: Aboriginal jobs, still trying
Don’t judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they had to choose from.
In the past I have been involved in trying to recruit Warlpiri workers for the Granites mines.
The mining companies don’t appear to be serious about local recruiting and certainly don’t make it easy. It is unfair to sheet the entire blame for the recruiting failure to the locals.
The glossy brochure with its fancy words and Newmont’s spin and PR does not hide the fact that they are unable or unwilling to answer simple questions. How many Warlpiri people are currently working at Tanami Operations? I suspect it is none.

Newmont gold mine: Aboriginal jobs, still trying
The Alice Springs News’s question: “How many CALG people are working in the actual mining including drilling, blasting, transporting and processing ore, and what is their average time of employment?” proved too difficult for Newmont to answer.
I herewith submit a simpler question: How many Warlpiri people are currently working at Newmont’s Tanami Operations?
Simple question, simple answer. Just a number is all. Not holding my breath.

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