Finocchiaro targets grandstand, pets and booze

“We are the worst performing economy in the nation, our population is in decline, and Territorians do not feel safe in their homes, businesses or communities,” said Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro to user in the first Parliamentary sittings for 2020.


She says Michael Gunner should resign, or at minimum he should step down as Chief Minister until a full investigation of the Turf Club grandstand grand is completed by ICAC and the Auditor General: “There are now far more questions than answers. He has demonstrated that he is not capable, open, or accountable.


“Remarkably, this week we expect the Labor Government to bring forward Legislation to address the legislative hurdles being faced by Dan Murphy’s following the NTCAT decision.


“The Labor Government are hypocrites and have stopped a much-needed $40m private development at the airport, and Territorians know that the Labor Government have done anything they can to stop it,” says Ms Finocchiaro in a media release.


“In 2016, this Labor Government picked a number out of the air to block Dan Murphy’s from coming to Darwin and have since moved the goal posts a number of times to stop this critical investment.


“Now they’re going to try and fix the problem they caused and dragged out for nearly four years.”


Mrs Finocchiaro said she was also expecting the Residential Tenancies Legislation Amendment Bill to come up.


“The Labor Government cannot help itself, and they will always try and control people’s lives through legislative overreach and the ‘pets’ clause is proof of that.


“Tenants and landlords can reach agreements around pets – why the Labor Government feel it necessary to get in the middle of this shows their complete lack of priorities.”




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    Residency for overseas young people if they stay in NT for five years?

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