Tim, Maybe a smarter question is, why is the council …

Comment on Council’s ambitious solar plan: 100% of what? by Interested Darwin Observer.

Tim, Maybe a smarter question is, why is the council wasting the public’s funds on these socialist crusades?

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Little progress with $64m management system for trouble kids
The question is, will this be more successful or less successful the the Labor Government’s Asset Management System from 10 odd years ago that cost $70m only for it to be scrapped as it was not fit for for purpose and was going to blow out to near $200m.
Given that this government is arguably even more useless than the Henderson era government it’s not looking promising.
Can I suggest that $64m instead be spent on front line services and infrastructure so that the somewhat homeless kids have somewhere safe to be taken to in the night and are not on the streets?

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
Chansey Paech? Never heard of him…

Curfew: sixth time lucky for Cr Melky?
We also have laws for murder and rape – yet these still occur. Does that make such laws pointless?

War on Iran must be prevented
Iran is an aggressor in the region.
Qassem Soleimani was leader of a designated terrorist organisation (Quds) – so to call his killing “illegal” is highly questionable. Illegality occurs more around the question of war power. Trump has not started a war.
The Quds / Iranian Guard are ideologically incompatible with democracy or peace. Their purpose is to exert influence, using force to spread Iran’s agenda. Iran is an authoritarian state that is responsible for the murder of thousands of its own civilians who dare protest against the regime. Much like China.
The Quds were themselves engaged in the murder of diplomats as well as countless deaths of both civilians and coalition forces through their ongoing support of Hezbollah and more recently, the Taliban.
Regarding sanctions, they are an effective tool to encourage a country change course and prevent funds going to the war machine which is aimed squarely at the West. Ultimately it was bankruptcy that ended the Cold War. Economics is a powerful tool indeed.
Australia does not follow the US into endless and sometimes seemingly foolish wars as it is directly beneficial to Australia.
We do it to nurture the Alliance with the hope that one day it will guarantee our security when we are (almost inevitably) challenged in our own region. Be it by China, Indonesia, Russia etc.
The cost of this protection may very well be the “pointless” wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and so on. Only time will tell.

Government millions spent outside tender process
James Smerk, there are over 50 registered builders in Alice Springs.
Only about 10% of these are the “big boys”.
They run big companies, big fleets, pay big payroll tax to the NT coffers, and employ hundreds and hundreds of people and dozens of apprentices.
They sponsor about every sports team and other event you can poke a stick at.
Yes, I hope that those top few are profitable. Good on them for building a big home with their own sweat and blood.
Because there’s plenty of both in building. When its 45 degrees in the shade, and the blood? Building is a dangerous game.
$80,000 car? That’s a GXL Landcruiser. All the big builders in town have children. Landcruisers are a great family car.
But times are tough. The industry is in recession. There is next to no Government work except the work detailed in this article.
There is next to no private investment as people lack confidence to invest in the town.
Ed, good article.

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