If the Army can be deployed for the Intervention in …

Comment on Corona bush solutions: Health workers from interstate by David.

If the Army can be deployed for the Intervention in Aboriginal communities in 2007 in a knee jerk reaction by the Commonwealth government to some perceived nonsense at the time when there was no such deadly threat as there is now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, then the Army should be placed on standby to once again deploy to bush communities or some place central that can also manage movement of people, a job for police if need requires.
The Army has doctors and medical staff and well equipped field hospitals they can whack up anytime, anywhere where people can move about outside within a controlled perimeter as most would not like being cooped up inside a hospital.
That should greatly help to relieve pressure on overloaded hospitals and medical staff in town centres and maybe help minimise or desirably, prevent spread of the virus if treated on site.
This is what Chief Minister Gunner should be discussing with the Morrison government if he has not already.

Recent Comments by David

COVID-19 calls for straight answers
That is the standard government and public service response to shut anyone down: “These are operational matters.”
The Minister’s minders run the government because you can’t get past them to ask legitimate questions that a media body should be able too particularly when it’s the Minister’s question and answer time.
Get the facts (as much as known and released) from the horses mouth at the appointed time not by email from some minder well after the event.
Government should have established a video conferencing central point for the Center and Barkly for local media to access at the Minister’s question and answer time in this pandemic crisis for the information of the Territory people.
They, through the election process, put these Ministers in government to respond to Territory people in an appropriate manner.
I doubt anyone voted for a bloody ministerial minder. Those control freaks wouldn’t care about transparency.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Harry Storch. You’re right Harry. Shallow minded people, those who should educate themselves how the disease got into the country in the first place.
It’s the trendies, the so called beautiful people and privileged with the means to travel the world and spread it everywhere, they are the ones who brought the virus into this country and are those who are still bringing it in and spreading it about.
It has become the disease of the upper class who think they are above everyone else who keep on mingling and socialising.
Those that keep pointing the finger at Aboriginal people need to get their facts right if for a moment they can apply their brains to that but their mindset doesn’t allow it.
No doubt these people know how it got here and who is spreading it, easier to take cheap shots at Aboriginal people as if they are responsible for all of it.

COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
@ John Bell. You should just enjoy the Melbourne lifestyle then with all its freedom of movement. That Harts Range police officer deserves all the flak he gets.

COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
@ Anonymous 2: The Harts Range police officer and his partner may be all you say they are, well and good.
However there is a deadly coronavirus pandemic sweeping the planet and they have brought it from the other side of the world right to the very front door of the Hartz Range Aboriginal community, a community in lockdown for the very purpose of keeping it safe from the coronavirus in the first place.
Irresponsibility or poor judgement?
Surely the police station was manned while this couple had a holiday.
What about interaction on this couple’s return with those manning the police station? The police station would not have been left unmanned.
Nothing said about that.
Fingers crossed they are not infected as well now.
And @ Reader: Yes grog is still sold at road houses, at least at the ones I know.

Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
Good comment Kierane Finnane, spot on Hall Duell.

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