I had a meeting with Fabian Conway last Friday. We …

Comment on Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be by Russell Bray.

I had a meeting with Fabian Conway last Friday.
We discussed that Lhere Artepe figures Robert Campbell, Shane Lindner and Grahame Smith and others are not Mparntwe people.
Saturday I spoke with Fabian again and he informed me that they will have a trespass notice put on me to stay away from my family including Fabian.
He described these tactics as frightening. Fabian informed them that we were family and will talk to me anytime.
These people cannot even organise meetings, such as AGMs for all estate groups.
Meetings have not been called legally since Campbell took over as CEO.
Last year an Ilpma meeting was called by word of mouth.
There were no minutes, no finance reports, no roll call for members.
Present were three Mparntwe members, including Alan Campbell who had no legal right to be there but is part of Robert Campbell’s family.
I rang Robert Campbell twice on Saturday – no answer.
They seem to be using frightening tactics with the poor uneducated.
Fabian named all Arunta sacred sites in the five locations referred to on Mr Gunner’s map.
I am wondering if these Kindergarten boys can?

Russell Bray Also Commented

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
The parcel of lands portion numbers 8118, 8869 and 4051 are in the swamp area.
According to the NT Government rules the developer would have to build a metre high footing to build. A lot of carting of sand and gravel.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
Marisa, where have you been all these years? I thought you the Stuarts related to Nancy Campbell.
If so you are family for Robert Campbell that’s why he is making all the Campbell family members.
This is not according to the rules.
Another bad point on your part, Mort Conway passed away thirty years ago or more.
Fabian Conway and his family are the true Culture Traditional Owners.

Recent Comments by Russell Bray

CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
These people need to be brought to justice.
ORIC are the most useless government organisation in Australia.
We have written to them about Lhere Artepe and nothing was done.
Lhere Artepe, the native title holders of Alice Springs, is illegal.
Mparntwe belongs to the Hermannsburg Western Arunta People going back to 2005.
The Campbells the Kunoths, the Geoff Shaws and Liddles do not belong to the Central and Eastern Arunta group.

Camel Cup called off
Apologies Apex. I’ve lived in Alice all my life and to be honest as my memory serves me, have never seen nor heard any advertisements of the race until it is upon us.
Correct me if I’am wrong, the only advertising on TV months before the race is the Boulia Camel Races.
So they have a handle on who is who and can organise all races on the day. History.
Going back to the first ever race, 1969/1970, it was a bet between two men who worked for the Lands Department, Keith Mooney Smith, Town Planner and a member of Rotary and Apex.
The other, an Afghan, Stuart Corby, a Chain man who had a few camels on his homeland, Maryvale.
It started over a few beers to have a race and Stuart would supply the Camels.
The race was run on the Todd where the Henley on Todd is held, and to my knowledge and memory they both won for they are legends, icons of what the Alice people are enjoying today.
The other point is where and how do people who want to help as volunteers can get in touch?

Productivity Commission wants to axe concessions in bush
That’s one way of getting rid of professional people to work out the bush and to get rid of the cultural people to move to the next nearest town, and getting the blame for all break-ins and stealing.
It’s all to do with mining companies to move in and take over with the help of Central Land Council.
For instance, Lake Nash lose health centre now.
Our people are living in the creek at Charles River and Hoppy’s camp in tents.
Land Council and Centrecorp should spend the millions on the people who are in need of hosing.
Stuff the Melanka block. It’s blackfeller money from their land.

Camel Cup called off
Why don’t you people leave things as it were in the past?
All about money. It use to be a family outing to enjoy.
Take the Henley on Todd shift it to the race course no one turns up.
You get some new arrival from interstate and changes things and pulls out when turns into a big flop.
Go back to where you come from. Leave it to the locals.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
Surprised: Why should not BHP or any other mining company pay for the culling of these animals?
Example: We were told by a Central Land Council lawyer to whom I gave [as an example] an amount of forty million dollars.
Who benefits from the money? Her statement: 50% mining, government 40% and land councils 4%.
I then asked what do us blackfellas get? 1% of the land council. She was sent on walkabout, just for her honesty.
On land councils they do not want to see an Aboriginal go ahead in making a life for themselves in any business scheme.
They dictate to our uneducated people and as soon as an educated man or woman enters the scene he or she becomes a danger to them.
Camels: A local butcher many years ago wanted a mobile abattoir employing local Aborigines to slaughter and sell to overseas and Australian buyers.
This leaves the land councils out and they stopped employment for Aboriginal people earning honest money.
Stay on the dole where you [belong].
The only time land councils deal with the wrong people is when they want the wrong information.

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