My apology. I have made a typo with the name …

Comment on Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be by Marisa Matteucci.

My apology. I have made a typo with the name not meaning Uncle Mort at all. I was meaning Fabian Conway isn’t our family member. He is from a different Conway clan.The CEO Robert Campbell isn’t family from Alice Springs either. He’s from up Darwin way.
This issue has gone on five years without our family being consulted or informed. We have all emailed the CEO and never got a reply.

Marisa Matteucci Also Commented

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
Uncle Mort needs to get in touch with Sister Vanessa Matteucci. She is one of the most important elders in this.
Her mother Essie Stuart Simpson is the pioneer of Alice Springs and a very important voice for her people.
Vanessa has been contacting you all the family to understand what going on.
No-one has included her, consequently this claim is in the wrong hands.

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Bad news for native title group reformers
Let’s talk about protocol: The correct protocol would be [to ask] the traditional elders who own this land and suffered for our land to be the decision makers of this land. With our knowledge [we could] help guide them through the white man’s laws to succeed. My mother is one of these elders. My grandmother is Essie Stuart.[She] is one the native title holders who has missed out on her rights, although she is listed a traditional owner.
I intend to ensure that this does not continue to happen.
My phone number is 0466 910122, email, if any of you would like to discuss this further, call me.

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