Good on you Fabian, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! that has …

Comment on Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be by Lesley.

Good on you Fabian, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! that has not been minuted in any directors meetings in according to the Lhere Artepe Rule Book. So here we go again more from people who are not from Alice Springs.

Recent Comments by Lesley

Horses to be culled, dead ones left for sun to ‘do its work’
Geewiz Russell, obviously Jonathon didn’t tell you that he knew that the donkeys were on the land, which is our end of the land, so who cut the fence?
And what were you doing on the Wambodin side of the fence?
The actual owner the donkeys had a court order to removed over 60 of them from the property, which he had done, and the Conway family had known all about this.
The last count of the donkeys were eight and were grazing on the Wambodin side.
If you and the Conway and Stevens men have a problem go and speak to Allan. His gates are open.

Anzac precinct art gallery: Native title issues unresolved
Why do people think that the Turners, Perkins, Lakes, Furbers, Liddles and Stuarts should have a say?
This land doesn’t belong to them, and they know that, they shouldn’t be speaking up for the descendants of this land, when they have been trying to kick off families off their own traditional lands.
Unfortunately the way Lhere Artepe is going, which is no where, and I don’t blame the government for not wanting to work with the current people working in or for Lhere Artepe. Really sad affairs.

Native title body CEO quits, no comment from chair
Oh dear, obviously Mr Tickner you don’t know where your boundaries are. Hate to bust your bubble but 16 Mile is NOT on Burt Plains, in fact Burt Plains boundary ends at MacGrath Creek.
I know that according to Google Earth, it states Bonds Springs, Burt Plain but us country men know where each family groups come from according to elders of the land. I still cannot understand why your family think they have the rights to be out at 16 Mile?
As you and your family have been told by many elders that 16 Mile is NOT your family land. So move along!

Native title body CEO quits, no comment from chair
Oh wow, finally Lesley Tickner has admitted that his grandparents are from Burt Plains.
So how come your family are sitting pretty on 16 Mile and trying to claim the land as your family land?
Like No Comment has stated, Burt Plains is a long, long way from 16 Mile!

We were tricked into signing letter: Native title holders
Please Explain…
The first thing I would like to know is how does a Mparntwe Member / Director have the rights to give Irlpme land to people who think they have the right to be called Native Title Holder but failed to speak to relevant traditional families without intimidating them or using lateral voilence against other family members to get what they want? If Benedict Stevens is claiming both Russell Bray and Lesley Tickner as his brothers then maybe he should be giving them land on the Mparnte side instead.
Also to mention that both Benedict Stevens and Matthew Palmer do have a very good understanding of their own language and English in their roles as interpreters.
Good on the Lhere Artepe chairman for sending the letter to the NT Chief Minister – Adam Giles and Indigenous Affairs Minister – Nigel Scullion for addressing this mess that these people have created.

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