Russell: As you have brought my name into this and …

Comment on Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be by Graeme.

Russell: As you have brought my name into this and continued on with total misleading and incorrect information, I am obliged to correct you and others on your accusations.
First, I am an Irlpme man, never ever have said I was Mpwarntye. Irlpme, the land you reside on.
2nd: Lhere Artepe have not executed a land use agreement as yet.
3rd: You are not a member of Irlpme estate and you were not at our AGM as I was and did not see you. Regardless, you are not a member.
4th: The trespass notice is on yourself from visiting our office premises and accountants due to your repeated aggressive behaviour. It has nothing to do with stopping you from contacting your family. What a ridiculous suggestion.
5th: AGM notices were delivered as I received mine. As I said, you’re not a member so you didn’t receive one.
6th: Shame on you for visiting a director of Lhere Artepe while on renal to seek personal information.
7th: Who are you referring to as kindergarten kids?
Please do not mislead people with false accusations for personal purposes.
Enough said.

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