So far as it goes looks good. Held in custody …

Comment on Custody on communities for remote area arrestees refused bail by Litmus.

So far as it goes looks good. Held in custody in community … erm, for how long and what is the capacity? The prison is a time bomb, will we see a mass release?

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COVID lockdown: Nearby residents not informed
Noticed that this morning. Lots of dongas now visible from Ross Highway. They will need plenty of personnel to lock that place down.

COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
So do I read this correctly? Police and clinic staff along with whitefella council workers kicked out? Who is running the NT? Road block at Cattlewater and Pinnacles tracks.

Coronavirus strategies in the bush still a work in progress
Tick tick BANG. Gunner and the crew need to stand up now. Road closures, prison shut down, leave the bush busses in the yard and a dozen other things.
Gunner needs to commandeer some TV and radio time and show us he is a leader tell us his plan. And where is Seldom Seen Snowden in all this, self isolating in Canberra perhaps.

Sun Cable to power on despite virus uncertainty
Kirkland Lakes Northern Territory gold projects Cosmo and Union Reefs shut down, with 250 sacked workers. Kirkland is sighting tardiness on the part of the NT Government in granting approvals over concerns for a colony of Ghost Bats.
15,000 hectares covered by 22 million shiny solar panels and a scar from Tennant to the top is bound to disturb more than a few bats. Yet Mr Gunner is electrified [pun intended] by mere talk about this project.
Not much help for mining but fast track major project status for this feel good pie in the sky.

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral
As Mr Gunner would say and often does “let’s be perfectly clear”.
Yes, let’s Mr Gunner. Let’s be clear what everything is about you and your vision for the NT.
Hey fella, the NT is a place and in that place are people and so many of them are totally over you and your government and dismiss your vision as the mumblings of a leader with no clue.
You can’t or won’t answer the most basic questions about debt and what we are borrowing against and you blame the Feds for every problem from youth crime to $45m underpayment in healthcare.
Unbelievably you have your minister stomping around offering a 5k reward for one lucky person of hundreds that update their address.
You can’t believe this stuff even while you’re reading it. How did we get to this?

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