Close the casino, yes. Government needs to get more serious …

Comment on NT closing borders to interstate arrivals by David.

Close the casino, yes.
Government needs to get more serious close the pubs and roadhouses that sell grog because people will still travel to get grog.
Apparently drinkers have been told about the virus pandemic but are not listening.
Also, the governments needs to put a holt to the arrival of 2,500 US Marines due to arrive in the NT next month.
Get tough, all of our people and country comes first.

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COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
@ John Bell. You should just enjoy the Melbourne lifestyle then with all its freedom of movement. That Harts Range police officer deserves all the flak he gets.

COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
@ Anonymous 2: The Harts Range police officer and his partner may be all you say they are, well and good.
However there is a deadly coronavirus pandemic sweeping the planet and they have brought it from the other side of the world right to the very front door of the Hartz Range Aboriginal community, a community in lockdown for the very purpose of keeping it safe from the coronavirus in the first place.
Irresponsibility or poor judgement?
Surely the police station was manned while this couple had a holiday.
What about interaction on this couple’s return with those manning the police station? The police station would not have been left unmanned.
Nothing said about that.
Fingers crossed they are not infected as well now.
And @ Reader: Yes grog is still sold at road houses, at least at the ones I know.

Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
Good comment Kierane Finnane, spot on Hall Duell.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
@ Gongoozler: Your right to comment is respected.
You have a dim view of Aboriginal people, they are the cause of all the problems in the world (your world).
Yes, there are problems in that sector.
Get better informed though how all that came about.
Such as dispossession and other insignificant historical details like that. Move to better civilised parts of the country?
Where is that? Murder, domestic violence, drug dealing, shootings, rapes, brawls over loo paper inconsiderate of old people, disabled and trampling of kids.
That’s Civilised.
The Coronavirus pandemic could be a leveler for many of us. No good blame shifting. This is a time to work together more than ever to deal with whatever this pandemic causes or throws at us.

Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
Yes, where are the Aboriginal health organisations? AMSANT, where are you?
Sending around pamphlets is not enough. Not all Aboriginal people are literate, you should know that.
The quickest way to get the message to Aboriginal people especially those from the bush is get out there with many vehicles you can get, drive around with a megaphone or loudspeaker up and down creeks and everywhere.
Get interpreters to speak in language to their people loud and clear. Tell people to go back to community, get off the streets before it’s too late.
That needs to occur up and down the NT. Forget about political correctness.
We are facing a pandemic with potential to wipe out so many people if decisive action is not taken, act now.
Stupid idea to keep the bottlos open, Gunner. Be more serious with the lock down.

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