Alice Springs bottle shops need to be closed this week. When …

Comment on NT closing borders to interstate arrivals by Perrule.

Alice Springs bottle shops need to be closed this week.
When the money from the government stimulus package hits the bank accounts of alcoholics it may create problems.
Alcohol addiction is a health condition and government needs to prepare to keep alcoholics safe.

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NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
Yippee I’m glad the government has closed boarders.
I agree with Peter we cannot become complacent, those people who coming in who are told to self isolate should be monitored.

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COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
I agree with Chris, the border control is a joke.
The Melbourne to Alice flight on March 22 had a person in it now confirmed with COVIT-19.
I know of 2two people who were on that flight and went to work and shopping in Alice last week.
Those people on the flight were contacted over this weekend of March 28 and 29. All people on that flight have now been put into isolation, a week later.
May God help us all. I will be saying my prayers tonight.
Keep safe out there, it’s here.

Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
Sounds like police and many citizens are being sensible, taking and using advice from health department, cleanliness, self isolating, that’s good.
The problem we all have is that not all people are being responsible or have been infected and don’t know.
The supermarket is a super hotspot for potential infections! Think about it people!
We all share Coles and Woolworths in Alice.
Can someone please ask them to reinstate home delivery, turn the tables, have in store sales for only elderly, disabled or vulnerable people, with ID required for purchase restricted sales.
The supermarket already has this technology – it’s in the bottle shop!

When online shopping could be a life saver
When watching the early morning news I saw the Coles CEO talking about social distancing. This will be difficult with current circumstances!
Are Coles able to reverse the current situation – only basics available in store and all other shopping by delivery?
A few things with this will help us all: A record of purchase with online may help control hoarding. It’s a way of distributing across a wider group of people fairly.

When online shopping could be a life saver
Online shopping with contactless delivery is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. People are doing supermarket shopping, when this disease gets worse supermarket contact may well be the next source of many infections.
The government should be working hard to get Coles Woolworths Deliveries going now. Home delivered groceries is a great way to process and promote social distancing
If the government helps get home delivery going again it will most likely cost less than hospital beds.
Can someone please tell the relevant government authorities that can push this through please?
Perhaps the government could put some resources into helping elderly or disabled or vulnerable people with orders and delivery.

Third NT COVID-19 case confirmed
I was thinking the same as Evelyne. How did this person get into Darwin?
I suspect that there’s others who traveled similar routes and never been checked or pulled up. Those people may be walking around spreading COVID-19 now.
Australia and in our case the NT need to get very serious about containment of Coronavirus.
I was thinking that the NT was a fairly safe place, but I have changed my view.

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