@ Sam: The Chief Minister has been playing catch up …

Comment on NT closing borders to interstate arrivals by Ralph Folds.

@ Sam: The Chief Minister has been playing catch up when he should have shown leadership.
Here in the NT there are many vulnerable Aboriginal people with underlying health problems.
They must be protected.
The CM has to do more than interstate, just doing the same is not good enough.
In Italy after 670 deaths yesterday all internal travel has been stopped.
That’s the sort of measure needed in the Territory.
The flow of people between communities and town has to be stopped or at least dramatically slowed.

Ralph Folds Also Commented

NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
I have many FaceBook friends on Aboriginal communities.
One important topic: sick relatives and plans to visit them at the hospital.
And lots of posts from people in town reporting on the health of relatives.
At any time 100 Aboriginal people or more, many from remote communities, are at the hospital.
It is always crowded with people in close contact.
So what will happen when COVID-19 gets here?
If nothing changes the hospital will be a major source of infection for people from remote communities.
They will take the virus home with them and many people will die.
Restrictions must be put in place immediately.
The lesson of Italy (800 deaths on Saturday) is that we have to stay a jump ahead of the virus.
Now is the time to act.

NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
A welcome move but not if we become complacent.
Will the thinking be that we are safe because the borders are closed?
That would be folly.
We can delay but not prevent widespread infection.
In the extra time we have given ourselves strong action is essential.
The movement of people between town and Aboriginal communities must be stopped or at least dramatically curtailed.
The Bush Bus must be shut down.
The casino must be closed.
Aboriginal students from communities must stay on their campuses.
Our hospital should be doubling its ICU beds and buying more respirators to treat the severely ill.
This is the time to prepare so our health services are not overwhelmed when the virus gets here.

Recent Comments by Ralph Folds

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
Very few remote community residents travel to Alice Springs to shop for a healthy food basket.
Keeping the price of healthy food low on communities will not prevent people from coming to town.
There are fast food attractants in town, plus the availability of alcohol that draws remote residents to town.
But the healthy food basket is not one of them.

Council meeting under COVID-19 lockdown
Miserly support from the Council.
The rates payment due dates for the last quarterly payment will be extended from April 3 to June 30.
Many in our town are getting much less income but the Council intends to maintain its own.
We have sky high rates and they must be reduced.
I see the council work gangs doing normal non urgent tasks.
They currently have two jobs going.
One is for yet another ovals and parks maintenance worker.
The others is a Director of Community Development, a $100K position.
Best way to develop relations with the community is to cut rates, not spin the lack of cuts.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
Isolating communities is showing some success.
I have had many queries from remote community friends asking when the road will be open.
Most are accepting that they should stay in their communities.
Community clinics are working hard to inform residents.
Is disobeying the self isolation requirement for returning residents going to undo the good work?

Territory Alliance looking beyond COVID-19
Here we are facing an unprecedented pandemic that will certainly take many lives in Aboriginal communities and the Territory Alliance focus is post COVID-19?
It is not as if Gunner is doing so well he doesn’t need an opposition.
To the contrary he is not handling the crisis well.
Is testing happening in the community?
Are there enough ICU beds in the hospital?
How many respirators are available?
Forget the distant future Terry Mills.
There is a tragedy about to unfold here and you need to speak up about it.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
@ Psuedo Guru: Community clinics are providing hand sanitisers.
I had a message this morning saying that after a group of mourners had finished shaking hands the clinic nurse made them all clean their hands.

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