The government hasn’t closed the borders. They have said you …

Comment on NT closing borders to interstate arrivals by Surprised!.

The government hasn’t closed the borders. They have said you need to promise to self isolate for 14 days. So that they know you’ll be good and honest citizens, they will put an ankle bracelet on you just to make sure you are behaving. (How the hell can they guarantee people will stay put?)

If you are naughty they won’t put you in the clink due to the risk on cross contamination but you may have to pay up to $62,000 fine. If you don’t pay, we’ll just say you’re a bad person, coz remember they can’t put you in the clink.

So, they really needed to shut the borders, possibly too late now though. No One in!

The pollies clearly think the virus is quite smart, in that it knows if you have an exemption card or are carrying goods for the greater good of mankind, so it won’t pounce on you. (I may have missed the bit about these people being regularly tested though.)

The feds should have banned ALL incoming people over 3 weeks ago.

As Darwin has reported cases, stop ALL exits from Darwin, we don’t want it here.

One other stupid aspect of the early actions was the blah blah about Australian residents and coming home. This is what you do when there are war acts, not a pandemic!

Personally I think there is too much hype. 25,000 die from starvation every day but we don’t even consider them.

This is a flu, people may catch it, the people with poor immune systems may get pneumonia and some will die.

We cut back on opening hours to minimise something without even thinking that when we do open, people will come en masse and increase the risk of cross contamination!

Come on people, put your brain in gear, coordinate our efforts and leave me some dunny paper please.
Yep, sure be cautious but leave some dunny paper on the shelf.

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NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
@ Kieran Finnane: Kieran points noted. It is however a flu and people will continue to die as happens. Whilst we have vaccines for current strains we do not have for new ones, not only this one.
Relying on people self isolating is a pipe dream. A lot of people won’t obey the current simple everyday laws now, so when it comes to their wellbeing, I suggest we have no hope.
My point really is that if the government is serious about isolation, then any city or town where there is a case, should be isolated. That means nobody in or out for whatever the safe period is determined to be.
My understanding is that Darwin only got its first case from someone flying from Sydney.
We seem unaffected at the moment but continuing to allow people in and out of Alice and expecting them to self isolate is very naive and puts us all at great risk.
As viruses are very good at mutation, we better hope it doesn’t adapt and infect animals.

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Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Psuedo Guru:
Yep do or die, it’s pretty simple.
@ Harry Storch:
Unsure Harry who is running anyone down. Fact is fact.
Don’t like it, then do something to make a positive change for the benefit of ALL.

A third Central Australian case diagnosed
The Federal stats on their app, as of 06.00 this morning, says NT only has 18 cases!
I would believe Alice Springs News over the Feds. It’s pretty shit that the Feds can’t get the correct information to people though.

COVID lockdown: Nearby residents not informed
Alcohol rehab being used as an isolation facility!
Why has an alcohol rehab facility been chosen?
Do they have nursing staff based at the site?
Are they a medical facility?
I am pretty certain that there are not enough alcohol rehab beds available in the area now and this will only exacerbate an existing problem.
Where are the people needing rehab going to?
Even if the NTG manage that bit, what about the fact that we already have a major alcohol crisis in the NT and now that CAAAPU have shut the rehab beds what will the fallout be!
What a disgrace.
Maybe the government is about to shut the bottle shops too, so no more grog.
How will our hospital and the residents deal with the alcohol withdrawal, I hope they (NTG) have plenty of spare beds and police.

Government to pay for remote residents’ COVID isolation
“Liquor licensees and PALIs have been told to be vigilant in ensuring that only people with local addresses are served take away alcohol.”
That’s a pretty funny statement concerning a hardship payment … but nevertheless true.
If you can afford to spend your hardship payment on grog, you’re more affluent than I.
Perhaps the government needs to reassess who is in hardship!
Then perhaps I am just too cynical …

Will 14 day self isolation strand bush visitors in Alice?
Interestingly with the slightly different rules in the NT, I have yet to see one advertisement on TV either explaining the NT rules or even mentioning COVID-19 rules and precautions.
Am I watching the wrong channels?
In this state of unrest and confusion, it would be very helpful if the TV stations did some community advertising.
Who pays for it? Well us the taxpayer, but that’s OK under these circumstances.

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