Take the easy way, not the right way, seems to …

Comment on Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre by Greg Simon.

Take the easy way, not the right way, seems to be the order of the day.
So lock everybody and everything away instead of isolating only those that need to be after being tested as positive.
Kill the economy for lack of a bit of commonsense.
After all, they’ll still have their jobs at the end of it!

Recent Comments by Greg Simon

Pastoralist finds alive the second of the three missing
No wonder people die out there.
Obviously some or maybe all involved in this saga know very little about the area concerned in this drama.
We now know the the vehicle was bogged in the Finke (not Hugh river) on Henbury Station way south of the search area.
Never rely on others to rescue you if they have to guess where you are.
All travellers going off road should have the common sense to realise unless you carry a PLB (personal locator beacon) and you get stuck for whatever reason, there’s a very good chance you won’t survive. No second chances out here, even if YOU know where you are. $250 is good insurance.

Pastoralist finds alive the second of the three missing
Something definitely wrong. The highway is actually east of the Hugh River.
I can visualise where they got bogged as it’s along an old seismic line graded in the early 60s and still trafficable.
The Hugh crossing is very tricky there and just south of Redbank Waterhole and North of Stuart’s Well. I have crossed it myself and there is lots of evidence that even the locals have trouble crossing previously on their way from the Stuart Highway to Hermannsburg – wrong time of the year to be going off the beaten track!

Stuart Highway trek maintains its allure after decades
Queensland Sunshine Coast Puma 141.9 cents per litre.

Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
I was confronted by AFP there as well, on my own, taking some photos in the park.
They know you’re there as a spy camera on the rocks to the west is aimed at the only parking spot in the carpark.
A satellite is also above and they also know when you turn into Hatt Road from the Stuart Highway.
So much for tourism.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
For someone maybe heading for government to say he knows nothing about what is going on in over half of the NT beggars belief!

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