Yet the grey nomads continue to flock over the border …

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Yet the grey nomads continue to flock over the border from SA into the NT.
Yes, they fill out a piece of paper promising to self isolate.
Problem is they do so in Darwin, where their holidays are booked.
Obviously they get there by stopping for fuel at Alice, Ti Tree, Aileron, Tennant, Three Ways, Katherine and all places in between.
Closing the borders should mean just that: If you do not live here, or you are not bringing in supplies, turn around at the border.
Until that is done, the other measures implemented on us a farcical. Treat your own rules seriously, then we might too.

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Thief snatches fortnight’s money from age pensioner
Chris you are 100% correct. Your comment has nothing to do with why crime is like it is, you simply stated the obvious.
@ Teacher: Before you respond, best to actually understand what I wrote. I did not say that any teacher uses physical discipline these days. What I said is that it is a defence under the NT Criminal Code if they do, and the same Act further says that a teacher automatically has the right to do so unless it is expressly withheld by the person responsible for that child.
Despite having this defence available to them, the would most likely be dismissed as it is against the departments policy.
This relates directly to my original argument, where although the security guard is protected in law by using force in the defence of themselves or “others”, it is most likely a direct breach of his employers policy, which may earn him a handshake by the police, but would also see him fighting for, or out of, a job.
Been there done that!

Thief snatches fortnight’s money from age pensioner
@ Evelyne: Yes, a security guard can arrest anyone, in fact a normal citizen can arrest a person under similar circumstances, but usually it would not be a case of a person saying you are under arrest, they would instead hold them until the police arrived.
And yes, both can use force to protect themselves or others, however some of what Chris said is valid. It depends on the conditions the security guard has been employed under, i.e. it may be specified that they are there as a deterrent only. The ones in Yeppie and Coles would most likely have that drilled into them, deter and issue verbal instructions, but do not physically intervene.
They would also be trained in gathering relevant info to pass onto the police once they arrive.
This would have been done as a risk assessment of the likelihood of being held vicariously liable if sued, a reputation at risk, as well as a health and safety risk assessment for the security guard.
Go against your employment instructions and you would possibly lose your job.
It is the same as using physical force to control a child.
A teacher has the legal right to use physical force to discipline a child, or at least has that as a defence in law, but they could be a in breach of the education department policy if they did so, again likely to be de-registered.

CLP, Territory Alliance: Two seats each
It is quite unfortunate when you see the acronym for a Territory Alliance Member of Parliament. One could only imagine the raised eyebrows if this party achieves government, and we see the Minister for Corrections is a TAMP.

Do film’s omissions mislead viewers on school’s record?
Thank you Kieran for following this up.
Unfortunately it is missing a lot of info and certainly portrays a particular point of view, as did Utopia by John Pilger and the Four Corners report of youth detentions.
It is not so much what is said, but what is not.
There are a number of unsubstantiated quotes I have seen in relation to this report that are certainly not balanced or entirely truthful.
I am glad that you have chased this up, especially for the sake of the wonderful work the Sadadeen staff do.

Camel Cup called off
Arunta Man: You may have the wrong event. There is no “new arrival” from interstate. The Camel Cup is an iconic event that has been run by the APEX club for many years.
The APEX club is made up entirely of volunteers and the club that runs this event has been active since 1972 from memory, and the only one of three remaining APEX Clubs in Central Australia.
As a past president of this club I can vouch for the tireless work this club has done over the years and the positive contribution it makes to our community.
If the club has had to postpone this event, there is a very good reason, and I will support the decision of their executive and members, as it is not a decision taken lightly.
APEX is a wonderful organisation for a person to be involved in, as it develops important life skills, and prides itself on altruistic service and giving back to the community.
Why do you not enquire about joining, they could always use more volunteers.

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