Well done to the Member for Araluen. She has the …

Comment on Youth curfew no longer an option, a necessity: Lambley by The Gongoozler.

Well done to the Member for Araluen. She has the finger on the pulse.
We all know that there is a group within our community that is simply dysfunctional.
Would you allow your kids to roam the streets at night causing damage to property and people’s lifestyle as well as becoming prey for pedophiles?
The parents must be penalised and these children made wards of the state.
We have been too soft for too long and now some Aboriginal people think this is normal parenting. There is no money now for theses foolish so called programs.
Times achanging, some for the better.

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COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
On behalf of normal people who abide by the corona virus laws, this attack on a police officer is that of those non compus mentis [not sane or in one’s right mind]. 150 people where you live in Alice Springs congregated and spread the virus amongst themselves which is tantamount to murder.
The police officer did his best to isolate and is now in full isolation.
Commissioner Chalker advised the police officer did not defy the law and throw rocks at police and ambulance officers as well as the taxi driver incident. Indeed acted most responsibly.
But then if you never went to school and live on welfare what type of mentality does this portray, hypocrisy on the lowest order.
This is why police must be supported as anything else will lead to anarchy.
I am appalled but this is not new, if you think Aboriginal people have not acted irresponsibly in regard to the Coronavirus, come back in two weeks when the cool weather comes and the virus really shows how irresponsible Aboriginal people have been in community.
It is there alright and nobody knows how many are already infected by their own.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
Those who went through the 1982 and 1990 recession remember the long queues out of the CES Commonwealth Employment Service.
It was a hard time for Australians but I remember when I was a kid those jolly old Aussie timers from the depression who always were happy and helped each other. “Howya goin” is now a greeting, it came from those great Australians in the depression travelling the nation looking for work.
“By foot or I might jump a goods train going to Adelaide.”
So did the sack, which was a hessian bag with some food and provisions given to employees that could not be kept on or employed due to the depression. You were given the sack and gently told to go on your way. The land of milk and honey had turned very sour.
I feel some have not grasped reality, the nation of Australia and most of the world has closed down.
We have a new world now, the 27-year run of positive growth, that being not enduring a recession are well and truly gone.
A tragedy yes, especially for the younger people in society who will now most probably be unemployed for some time. Something not experienced by economic constrain however, it’s now reality and we must get used to it.
So, we are all in it together and it would be nice if those Aboriginal people who endanger lives especially the sickly and elderly either conform as we all do or leave.
Reality is police will be the front line and we must support them, as some become recalcitrant to the laws that keep a civilised society.
We need to move on, yesterday is gone, let us revive Australia which we will, in the meantime act like our forefathers did and smile and help each other where we can.
A smile does not cost anything.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
It is hard to comprehend as a civilised person in western culture that gathering in a public place with a deadly virus pervading Alice Springs after being directed not to congregate; that a group of Aboriginal people revolt against the Northern Territory Police who are simply protecting everybody in the community.
Let’s get it straight, some Aboriginal people are so uneducated they still believe in superstition as real. Therefore, their ability to act as a civilised group is diminished to the point whereby force is required to disperse them.
The end result is that you may die from a virus in Alice Springs because [some] Aboriginal people cannot act in a civilised manner. The days of Aboriginal people being able to act contrary to the good of the broader community is over.
The Australian People, its economy severely damaged, will no longer fund Aboriginal activists and the Aboriginal industry generally.
Australia as a result of its economic stimulus of now $200 billion and going up will take decades to reduce [its debt]. We will from this moment on face fiscal constraints not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It’s bad economically and will take decades to repair.
We may enter a depression as the economy is now closed and may continue for month’s or possibly years.
That means organisations like Congress and others will not be funded and will disappear as something from a long-gone era.
We as a community must realise that whatever happens in the Northern Territory, the NT Police must be fully funded and given extra powers to remove recalcitrant people, in particular Aboriginal people, who are anti-social are placed in prisons in desert camps under heavy guard as in Texas and other places in the United States.
The principle is simple, cut the cancer out of society and society is healthy.
We have got to this point because some Aboriginal people ignore education, live off the efforts of hard-working mainstream and Aboriginal Australians and we have had enough.
The recession and or depression we face will bring about change and Aboriginal people better get to school and start working, that is if it is not too late.
Circumstances may become so bad that Alice Springs may be reduced to an Elliot size town with its former inhabitants dispersed to more civilised areas of Australia.
So, get behind the NT Police, welcome them wherever they maybe and appreciate their lot in life.
Without police protecting us our town becomes unliveable.
God bless our NT police officers, we stand with you at all times.

NT may face total COVID-19 lockdown
The Coronavirus was always going to be a job killer. However, the obvious decision to put people in front of business is humane and sound.
We will recover in time but many people will not.
The average percentage of deaths from Coronavirus is 5% to 10% depending on the demographic, country and ability to isolate.
That means when you see numbers real human beings will die. This is real.

Third NT COVID-19 case confirmed
It’s winter months that we will see Corona Virus show its ugly head as has it done in Europe and the UK winter.
We know this from our flu season. I see we have recorded three confirmed cases with South Australia at 42.
I find it difficult to believe this is the actual number and that Aboriginal people have not taken this from SA back to the NT remote communities.
In any case we will feel the full brunt of this virus in the next few months. I do not wish to be a bearer of bad news, however, forewarned is forearmed.
For the elderly in particular who shop as they can, stop panic buying at Coles and Woolies, it unnecessary and shows a greedy and selfish mentality.

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