Take the NT Government’s forecasted deficit. Double it. Add 10% for Nicole …

Comment on Gunner government to hide fiscal facts by Interested Darwin Observer.

Take the NT Government’s forecasted deficit.
Double it.
Add 10% for Nicole Manison’s inexperience and incompetence.
That’s the ball park numbers that Gunner will be hiding from us.

Recent Comments by Interested Darwin Observer

The task ahead is rebuilding
What an article. Recovery takes belt tightening, hard work and pulling together. Not art, film and music.
No, we will not be changed for ever – not in any meaningful way at least.
Planning schemes in control of the mid tier government is one of the few things the NT gets right. Keep councils out of development.
Due to the lack of any serious power of council, people often elect individuals who would be un-electable to a higher government. We don’t need these un-electables dictating our development process.
Expect to see less public investment – not more.
The private sector will invest where appropriate.

Government to pay for remote residents’ COVID isolation
So does this NT Government cover the cost of hotel accommodation quarantine period for ALL Territorians or just some?

Will 14 day self isolation strand bush visitors in Alice?
Watchn: Not many tourist are desperate to come to the NT right now. Nothing to see or do.
Everything closed and cancelled. This WILL impact returning Territorians.
A thorough system of managing at home isolation should be sufficient except in the most extreme of circumstances.

Will 14 day self isolation strand bush visitors in Alice?
Mr Gunner, dare I say you are perhaps over the limit of what you can do already.
You may have a small crowd of the fearful supporting your draconian overreach, but most will see you for what you are: A socialist who is taking freedom and personal responsibility away from Territorians.
We are accustomed to being forced to stay at home by your complacent, criminal youth run streets – no need to for you to actively make it worse.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
I am not of the view that fines of $62,800 are currently in place for “social distancing” rules.
Is this fine not for those who fail to abide to isolation orders etc?
The individuals should instead be charged with the various crimes committed such as damage to property, failing to follow instruction of police in carrying out lawful duty etc etc.
This behaviour to our frontline services cannot go without consequence.
Police, paramedics and taxi drivers should not have to face such terrible behaviour from anyone in community – Corona virus or not.

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