Amidst the turmoil, rentals stay the same



Sir – It amazes me during this time of loss of jobs and economic upheaval, that rentals in Alice Springs continue to stay the same.


My husband is a sole trader, we are good tenants and recently asked the realestate company for  lowered rent, which they flatly refused!


And you wonder why people are leaving?


If there is lack of work and lack of jobs and high rentals why would they stay, as well as the problems in town that haven’t changed.


I also want to say how mismanaged the Territory is with planning and funding.


Before the virus we were funding a “FAB ALICE” pouring money into events that cost a fortune to run, yet at the same time, we have delinquent Indigenous [people] walking the streets at night, sleeping in the public library during the day, which might I add is run down, unkept, stinks of BO and is very loud.


The librarians are constantly telling youths off and I feel unsafe being there with my daughter.


Seriously, not sure what the Mayor’s job is other than having photos taken with his Maltese and whinging that the council members are “talking about him”.


Too bad this town is filled with lefts. It will never work.


Anna Ponder
Alice Springs



UPDATE March 26, 8.40am

Tasmania has announced a 120-day moratorium on evictions.




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