The ABC have a very useful website which has the …

Comment on COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed by Frank B..

The ABC have a very useful website which has the latest virus statistics.
Our beloved Territory distinguishes itself by being the only jurisdiction which doesn’t release figures re testing : “The NT does not report testing numbers.”
Reminds me a bit of our Federal Leaders who not all that long used the excuse that “we will not discuss on water matters” to keep us in the dark.
Also if it wasn’t so terribly serious one would have to laugh about the same leaders having failed to stop the boats.
Erwin, any luck in locating that Alice Springs testing station?
[Hi Frank. Not yet. Regards, Erwin.]

Frank B. Also Commented

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
Hi. Again checked that ABC website which has the latest Australian virus statistics. Latest update 1:56PM today (Friday 27th).
It still has: “The NT does not report testing numbers.”
We are still the only jurisdiction that doesn’t.
Are they trying to hide something?
We have enough misinformation and false rumours floating about and the only way to suppress these is to tell the truth.
How many and who and where have tests been done in the NT?
And please put our editor (Erwin) out of his misery and tell him where he can find the Alice Springs testing station he’s been looking for.

Recent Comments by Frank B.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Paul Parker: Are those 2016 census figures for all of Australia? Are there figures available specifically for Alice Springs or the Northern Territory?
The total adds up to 117.4% a bit like those athletes that give it 110%
I assume these “nominated ancestries” are what people saw themselves as and the 100% plus – a result of some people nominating more than one ancestry.
That category “Australian” is interesting, as “what does it mean to be Australian” is a subject of much discussion.
I for one as an Australian of Dutch ancestry for example don’t subscribe to John Howard’s model!
If it had been up to those that “will decide who come to this country” my Dutch family for example would never have been let in as we couldn’t speak English back then.
As for @ Times are Changing: I resent the implication that we non-newbies are not educated and happy to live in a poo pit.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
Evelyne Roullet is accused of being racist because Aborigines and white-fellas are actually named in her comment.
A bit unfair when most racist remarks hide behind euphemisms.
Ever since I came to the NT I’ve heard of “Cleaning up the Todd River,” most people understood what this dog-whistling remark meant.
My father told me that “reinigen” was a very commonly used euphemism during Europe’s darkest hours.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Harry Storch: Thanks Harry.
As someone who lives on a community I’m getting annoyed by all these comments that see us to be the biggest threat.
If the genie gets out of the bottle it won’t be coming from communities.

COVID lockdown: Nearby residents not informed
@ Dean Marsland: Who are they?

NT may face total COVID-19 lockdown
My favourite sentence in Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu is:
“… then all of us must be alert to that greatest of all limitations to wisdom: The Assumption.”
All three comments that precede mine are replete with assumptions. Many of these assumptions, as a resident of Yuendumu, I consider to be wrong and offensive.

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