When some outside contractors came to re-seal the small driveway …

Comment on Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business by Frank Baarda.

When some outside contractors came to re-seal the small driveway into our clinic in Yuendumu a lollypop lady attended all day to ensure our safety.
What I want to know Ralph, did you engage a lollypop person whenever you planted a tree?
Also, were you appropriately kitted out?
Hi-vis vest, steel capped boots, safety glasses and hard hat?
Are you accredited?
Have you attended a verge tree planting course and do you have a certificate?
Quite clearly not, as you don’t have a clue as to what sort of tree it is.
I suggest you claim that it is your contribution to reduce carbon emissions, or spread a rumour the tree is sacred.

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Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
@ David: No offence meant, but might you perhaps be barking up the wrong tree?

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NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
Maybe a public debate (winner takes the nomination) would be more meaningful than a toss of a coin.
But then meaningfulness is not a dominant feature of Australian politics.

Council resignations and surprising alliances
What’s in a name?
In Kalgoorlie the police station is in Brookman Street. The brothels were in Hay Street.
They are both the same street.
In Yuendumu we have Conniston Street. They have mis-spelt Coniston which is best known for a 1928 massacre.
Some years ago Yuendumu was going to change a number of street names. Conniston St, was going to be renamed Gough Whitlam Avenue. It never happened. On the way to the Place Names Committee office there were countless insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles.
I live in Quandong Street. The nearest Quandong tree is in the Olive Pink botanical gardens. Maybe I should campaign to have my street changed to Mulga Street.
@ Germaine: Can you please explain how this is about Aboriginal money?
I’m told Alice Springs has a No Name Street.
Problem solved.

Person offences up, property down, in lock-down month
Back in highschool we learned about “significant numbers”.
Am I being pedantic when I assert that the numbers after the decimal point are somewhat meaningless?
“Motor vehicle theft down 23.84%.” Wouldn’t the actual number of motor vehicles stolen give a clearer picture?
Reminds me of something I read in a little book called “Innumeracy”: “33.33% of doctors prefer aspirin to paracetamol. They couldn’t convince Bruce otherwise.”

Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
Whatever your opinion on this complex matter, I suggest you Google “ABC Numbulwar taser” and spend 12 minutes looking at the video of a man being arrested.

New COVID initiative rehashes old projects
Did you all see Scot Morrison announce [a similar] scheme?
Coincidentally in the Eden-Monaro electorate.
He and his mob were then told to get off the lawn by the homeowner. Priceless!

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