I’m glad there appears to be due process. My experience …

Comment on Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business by Mkle Smith.

I’m glad there appears to be due process. My experience trying to grow things on the verge is that they get ripped out by vandals, run over by PWC or tradies vehicles or reduced to chips by contractors driving ride on mowers.

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A gas-led recovery is short term, good only for the gas industry
They might be struggling but their business model includes “encouraging” politicians to see their point of view so there will still be money in the Budget for party donations, lobbyists and less transparent incentives.
Don’t expect any government to quickly change its spots or evolve its ideas in any way, especially given the no-go lines already drawn in the sand re solar and wind energy.

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
I must confess I was absolutely flabbergasted 10 months ago when I returned to Alice after a six month absence to find three rangers in the library.
It didn’t take long to see why with kids running around, throwing footballs and being quite a rowdy menace.
I haven’t been back since so I commend this action.

Councillor passes buck to staff
Council assists the spread of buffel. They seem to arrive after buffel has set seed and blast it all over the place with their ride on mowers. In the process all other vegetation is destroyed including juvenile trees and shrubs therby ensuring a clear field for buffel.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
To Mark Wilson: The Henley on Todd is a Rotary event not a Lions event. The Lions are kind enough to give their support each year and Rotary appreciates that support.

Gunner’s fracking inquiry gets it wrong on many counts
The government continues to focus on the science because the science is actually quite good.
The problem as always, and as noted by Dr Colloff, is the long term monitoring and governance.
This is especially problematic if those officals in charge of the governance and monitoring are under the influence of the mining industry and other vested interests.
The government should note that the electorate is has a very real suspicion that there is corruption going on.
They can’t put their finger on it but an accumulation of decisions that tend to be against the public interest, or the interest of the world at large, and which benefit a select few, plus post political appointments to high paying jobs for politicians, mount up to create that suspicion.

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