Agree the Chief Minister should be showing more urgency about …

Comment on Lock down Aboriginal lands but get the rest back to work by Roger Hollis.

Agree the Chief Minister should be showing more urgency about his planning for the rollback of restrictions.
The situation in Australia, and even more so in the NT, is vastly better than any of our leaders or medical experts dared hope just a few weeks ago.
Given the Chief Minister’s assurances about the steps taken to secure borders, enforce mandatory quarantine, protect vulnerable communities, extend resting etc it certainly looks like the residual Covid-19 health risk is now far exceeded by the compounding social, economic, educational and mental and other health costs of the current restrictions.

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COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
The particular importance of taking every precaution to keep CV out of our vulnerable Indigenous communities was recognised by the Chief Minister and the Police Commissioner from the outset.
So while we can certainly question the judgement of the couple in deciding that they should race back to Harts Range to self isolate, this should never have been their decision to make.
The Chief Minister should already have ordered that all people returning to Indigenous communities from overseas (especially places near northern Italy such as Austria) should first self isolate elsewhere.
And Hazel is right to have her suspicions. The refusal of the Police Commissioner to own up to where and when the couple stopped on the way home, and his over-emphasis on one transaction being made by contactless payment, does make you wonder.
I doubt anyone in the history of white settlement would have made the trip from Yulara to Harts Range without stopping, and probably shopping, in Alice.

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