Singapore thought they had the virus under control, that did …

Comment on Lock down Aboriginal lands but get the rest back to work by Order A Coffin.

Singapore thought they had the virus under control, that did not happen.
Foreign workers came back and bang 266 cases to 5900 in a few days.
The NT has most to lose, we depend on tourism, that means foreigners coming in and then worse this virus kills healthy young people as seen in Spain and Italy.
Africa and Asia are uncontrollable and spreading the virus unchecked, there is no data because they cannot test, it is not going away quickly. 400 Australians arrived from India this morning into Adelaide.
What are they bringing in?
The reality is most Indigenous people are not healthy individuals in communities.
If this virus is let to run loose it could wipe out thousands of Indigenous people in a few weeks.
If the government lifts isolation rules then the only business that will be busy will be undertakers.

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Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
I was coming out of Coles Alice Springs today and noticed Robyn Lambley office is displaying what looks ostensibly like a Country Liberal Party Corflute A Frame sign.
Same colors and looks very similar to the CLP.
My Uncle remarked: “I did not know Robyn Lambley was running for the Country Liberal Party again?”
I have now seen Robyn Lambley display her purple independent sign, the Territory Alliance sign and now it looks very much like the Official CLP Country Liberal Party Sign.
Have I missed the news? Is Robyn Lambley now a CLP Candidate?

Town camp drunks attack police, ignore COVID rules
@ Tracy Larkin: I agree, Tracy has hit the nail on the head. I can tell you as an Aboriginal woman police work in community is not only dangerous on duty but also off duty.
I take my hat off to the police all over Australia who are abused more than any other occupation I know of.
I wonder what this Coronavirus will do to police budgets and if those NT Police resources slowly recede from remote areas. We really need them more than ever. Next time you pass a NT Police Officer say Thank You!

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