It is difficult to understand the reaction of the alcohol …

Comment on Booze consumption went up after floor price came in by Peter Dixon.

It is difficult to understand the reaction of the alcohol industry and the CLP in your report. On the one hand they say it fails “spectacularly” because they claim retail per capita consumption has gone up and on the other they say it punishes responsible drinkers.
The aim of the Minimum Unit Pricing strategy is to attack problem drinking, and for the NT the specific goal is to minimise the harms produced by high-alcohol, low cost drinks. The particular goals set out in the Act are to reduce harmful consumption and have minimal impact on moderate consumers.
The report does not ask anyone to take it on trust that the MUP is contributing to the decline in harms. It spells out that the contribution can be seen in the Darwin region where there are no PALIs.
The report also concludes that per capita wholesale supply data does show that the MUP achieved its goal of targeting cask wine in many towns and most other beverages were not affected significantly.

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