If anyone is interested in further information on the future …

Comment on Tourism smaller but better, pollies must talk to the people by Charlie Carter.

If anyone is interested in further information on the future for gas I recommend this link.

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Aboriginal participation needed to Close the Gap: Mundine
@ Jack1: I don’t need to google Blackfella”. it is widely used and socially acceptable in The Centre.
I refer you to the iconic Warumpi band anthem “Stand up and be Counted”.
There is no local broad Aboriginal language term like Koori or Nyoongar because there are half a dozen languages in use all of which have their own word.
The Western Desert “Anangu” is just one.
It should have been obvious from the content of the post that it was not used in a derogatory way.
My Aboriginal friends use it as a self descriptor.

Architect & heritage campaigner to run in Araluen for Federation Party
Good on you for throwing your hat in the ring Dom, but I have no idea what the group’s policies are.
Ken Lechleitner has stood before for some forgotten short lived party.
And what the hell is the name supposed to mean?

A touch of light: Winter woodland


Your nomenclature had me a bit confused there Mike.
You have labelled, and referred to, V tristis as (a) pygmy goanna.
Gambold and Metters refer to it as “black headed monitor” but it’s head isn’t black. And they cite you as one of their sources.
I’ve also seen it called “black tailed monitor” which is at least an accurate description.
The perils of common names.
However, we are fortunate in having a resident one (pictured).
S/he gets out into the yard, and that’s where I first saw it.
It was only when I saw it up the walls of the house that I twigged that it was returning to the roof cavity.
And mice are rarely seen.
[ED – Turn your laptop 90 degrees to the right. Charlie says the reptile is not sitting on the windowsill but climbing up the wall.]

Aboriginal participation needed to Close the Gap: Mundine
@ Hermann Weber: Really Hermann?
They had good quality secondary education in Warrabri in 1957?
Blackfellas were still counted with the livestock in those days, and certainly didn’t get equal wages.
Probably beef and blankets.
And I didn’t say or imply anything about magic bullets. “A start” was the phrase.
And history is only “a start,” not an echo, things have changed a lot in those 63 years.

Aboriginal participation needed to Close the Gap: Mundine
What a litany of neo-liberal motherhood statements.
Not a single positive concrete idea in the whole piece.
Of course Mundine was Tony Abbott’s hand picked Aboriginal “representative” and is now married into the CIS, which is a right-wing neo-liberal propaganda outfit.
Decent housing, affordable food, and high quality experienced teachers would be a start, none of which is likely to be provided by “private sector investment and commercial businesses”.

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