Are you kidding? Seldom Seen Snowdon and the former newsreader …

Comment on Keep real time fire tracking tool funded: pollies by Litmus.

Are you kidding? Seldom Seen Snowdon and the former newsreader locked down safe in Canberra? Waste of space in your newspaper.

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Mayor, Deputy let council flounder
Oh dear – shambles does not adequately describe this council. When will this mob climb down from their high horses, put their personal agendas and political aspirations to one side and start serving the ratepayer? Sweep them out.

Native title organisation backs Anzac precinct for gallery
Three and a half years of talking, threatening, consulting and wasting money. So far nothing.
The Chinese built a quarter of The Great Wall in that time.
The bumbling incompetence of the NT Government, the two ministers concerned and the politically motivated councillors is far from acceptable. I await with morbid curiosity the release of the CLPs plan to clean the mess up.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
It’s worth remembering the 1918 influenza pandemic that claimed so many indigenous people lives in the region. Back then movement was slow but the virus was not.
To open the borders now and allow the convoy of sun seekers from states with community transmission is stupidity.
What happens when they are snug up together in the Caravanserai and some fall ill and test positive? Meanwhile others in contact move on. Big job sorting that one out.
Shut downs again, deep cleans, health workers and others in the front line at risk. If that happens it’s probably going to be locked gates and lights out for good.

Solar lights may go
Fair Dinkum, councillors. What’s the point of them? Clearly they are not accountable to the ratepayer.
Spend most of their time advancing personal interest and make bad decisions.
They seem to have no clue what the well paid third level bureaucrats are doing. Sweep them out and let’s have wards. Make them represent the ratepayer.

Rates freeze but reduction unlikely
Councillors receive 50k for their self serving input, the Mayor 100k. Not one of them is in any way in touch with the family at number whatever in Smith street The Gap. This is the problem, the third tier of government in this town is self serving and in no way represents the ratepayers’ interests. Sweep them out and give us wards where for 50k an elected candidate will be working in the interest of the ratepayer.

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