Mimi Bekhechi can argue all she likes about who is …

Comment on PETA: Aussies going vegan ‘in droves’ by Ashley Manicaros.

Mimi Bekhechi can argue all she likes about who is or isn’t moving away from red meat. But the simple fact is that red meat demand and consumption has increased substantially during this pandemic.
She also claims there has been a 12% rise in people identifying as vegan or vegetarian but she doesn’t quantify her statement with a source.
I regularly see both industry and independent research and the 12%t figure claim is nowhere near the figures I’ve seen on very large sample sizes – in the thousands and carried out by universities.
People can choose to eat what they wish – but groups like PETA don’t need to shove their views down anyone’s throats.
The individual should decide what they wish to eat.

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