@ Margaret Coutts, @ Yvonne: Polling sees Labor in Braitling …

Comment on Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes by Wakefield’s Waterloo.

@ Margaret Coutts, @ Yvonne: Polling sees Labor in Braitling at its lowest prior to Mr Giles time. That means Labor has no chance in Braitling and I expect on this issue much self harm has been done to Labor.
I also expect Mr Gunner has communicated to Ms Wakefield to just go all out as did Napoleon at Waterloo. This means Alice Springs may well have a legal fight costing tax payers millions and or an unwanted legacy from Ms Wakefield.
My advice Ms Wakefield is to retreat as every good general knows when overwhelmed and let this decision be made after August 22, 2020.
Better to retreat unlike Napoleon and not be known as “the Little corporal” from contemporary times?

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COVID: Trouble in the bush
@ Patricia Beattie: What about the lack of housing, the overcrowding that is the everyday reality in these communities.
How about those who provide the funds who are now unemployed?
That is the question, I cannot comprehend the thinking of some in our society. Time for these communities to become self sufficient like everyone else.

Three killed in road crash
This is a great site if you are contemplating coming to work in Alice Springs.
I rang a friend who lived in Alice Springs as I have been successful in a post there next year.
I am reticent to take it now and will not. I have three young kids to think about.
The way the police officer was treated by an ICAC Commissioner / Aboriginal Activists … and the last three months social issues posted is appreciated.
As I would have made a big mistake. If I was in Alice Springs I would be thanking every police officer and shaking their hands for their gallant work.
You really need these great police officers.
For me and my family it’s better to err on the side of caution.
Good luck; Alice Springs.

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