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Comment on Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes by Jack.

@ Vthefence: Our Town Council would not even consider the opportunity cost of pissing the rates surplus against a wall.
But the cost is that the council does much less to support newly impoverished ratepayers.
You can see them now, the Greens and Aboriginal representatives taking the moral high ground to fund the most lavish legal picnic in the history of our town, QCs at $8K day, SCs at $5K and a gaggle of lesser legal eagles will spend and spend our surplus until a probable loss to the NT Government is announced six months later.
Of course we will fund both sides of the court case.
What is poorly understood here is that the NT is beyond broke and everyone of us is going to have to pay the cost.
The Desert Park makes a loss, South of the Gap will make a loss and do nothing for town businesses.
This project must pay its way and it will only do that if it is in town.
The Government and business people understand this.
Many who know this are afraid to speak up against the factions.
To speak up against the Aboriginal argument is an invitation to be called a racist.
But the South of the Gap argument is not of the times.
The Gap itself is sacred and no woman should pass through it.
Is there an outcry?
Online referendum before squandering the surplus please.
It is our money.
Get our permission before spending it.

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A lonely ANZAC Day, but no less heartfelt
The US State Dept describes NZ as an non NATO ally and the two countries have a long history of supporting each other in times of conflict.
The US, Australia and NZ fought together in WW2, Korea and Vietnam.
NZ is also a member of the Five Eyes intelligence system.
It is true that NZ strives to be independent and that is not easy.
While fundamentally an ally of Australia and the US it also seeks a positive relationship with China.
The pressure for NZ to fall in line with US or China is immense.
It takes the form of trade incentives and disincentives, diplomatic pressure and outright bullying.
It’s true that NZ has not spent much on military equipment that could defend the South Pacific although it is ramping up diplomatic efforts to head off Chinese influence.
That’s not all bad.
Unlike us NZ wasn’t required to purchase military equipment such as the Joint Strike Fighter (72 @ AUD 130m+) that slots into the US military.
NZ doesn’t host US forces and pay most of the cost.
Nor does it host nuke targets like Pine Gap.
Many Kiwis I have met are proud of their country and its politics.
There are benefits as well as costs to NZ’s independence.

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