@ 4 Merrilyn Spencer: I am astounded that you believe …

Comment on Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes by Surprised!.

@ 4 Merrilyn Spencer: I am astounded that you believe the gallery “is a life line for our collapsed tourism industry”.
Such shallow thinking entitles you to run for politics!
There are so many other factors that bring tourists and art in Alice is not one of them.
Value for money, a safe place, feeling welcome and of course the sights.
Unfortunately we fail on three of the four items.
Caravan sites are way too expensive compared to most other states, the government and town council ensure the tourists and locals aren’t safe. Feeling welcome has a lot to do with feeling safe and respected.
The sights, well there are a multitude of beautiful and interesting sites to be seen, in and around Alice.
Perhaps people just need to take a break from their phones, TVs and other distractions and enjoy some of the best views and outings and weather in Australia.
So, is the gallery location really that important in the scheme of things? I say NOT.

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‘Greener, safer, cooler’ CBD designs released
Certainly more attractive than the Hartley Street lights. In fact I quite like the look of these.

My issue however is “They are part of what will make the CBD “a greener, safer…..”, The Safer, is only achieved by assuming (probably correctly) that the crims don’t want to be on CCTV or in the light. The logic is sound, but the consequence is the while the CBD may be safer, the suburbs will not.

So, how about the law, making suitable and EFFECTIVE deterrents for the crims, instead of shifting the crime?

There’s an innovative idea! Why can’t the Pollies do that ?

Health shines but internal travel control a ‘joke’
Well, funny this should come up.
Having a chat with a senior nurse colleague friend of mine, they were told by the NT Government permit givers “only people employed by the NT Government are considered as health workers and besides we have to go home now as it’s knock off time”.
There was no point is discussing any further. With government personnel and attitudes like that, no wonder they give themselves a “wonderful” reputation as leaders.
What hope do we really have and the 51% have won yet again.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
@ Evelyn Roullet: What I said was that, the money is never a moot point. Moot point serves no practical value and or is hypothetical. Money does serve very practical values and is not hypothetical.
Unsure what the exact percentage of Aboriginal people is in Australia. Say 5%, assuming they are working. So from a democratic and or financial perspective, the other people assuming they are also working are contributing 95%. Does that mean they should have 95% of the vote.
This issue is about political point scoring and unfortunately the custodians are stuck in the middle of several factions with very differing agendas. Whilst I agree with your “Let them decided what they want” the reality is that if the custodians can’t make up their minds, a decision will be made for them.

@ Alex Nelson: Whilst I do apologise sincerely for the typo (I was using a phone), there is a big difference between being timid and wanting ones anonymity. Anyone that doesn’t understand that in this town is naïve. But clearly I touched a nerve with you and that’s a good thing, because at least it made you think and clearly you have some literacy skills.

Thinking big, anyone?
@ 2 Ralph Folds: Ralph, we had a very productive steel mill in Whyalla for one.
I think you may find Mt Peake CAPEX ($800m) is a pre production forecast only.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
@2 Jack Nelson: Jack disagree entirely. In this capitalist society, he who pays, makes the rules.
Like it or lump it.
The money is never a moot point.

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