Surely the most logical site for the gallery, which is …

Comment on Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval by “Alice Resident”.

Surely the most logical site for the gallery, which is already owned by the Territory Government, would be at the Araluen Arts Centre.
There is already a large collection of Albert Namatjira’s work. He is the best known Aboriginal artist. There is ample parking on the site, a tourist bus already goes there. There is also the Museum of Central Australia on site – and an excellent café.

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Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print.
When are the residents of the Northern Territory going to get the gas produced in the Northern Territory piped to their houses, instead of having to buy gas produced interstate and supplied in bottles? The Northern Territory Government, regardless of its political affiliation, seems to prefer to sell everything it can to anyone and anywhere else – rather than to the Northern Territory residents.

Hospital is approaching use-by date: Lambley
It is nearly 35 years ago that the first suggestion of an on-site child care facility was proposed, and a committee set up to look into the possibility. As the hospital operates 24/7 it fell into the too hard basket, where it has obviously remained ever since.

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