As per the initial plans I saw for “the preferred …

Comment on Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval by Concerned.

As per the initial plans I saw for “the preferred new rugby oval”: Establishing a new rugby oval to the south west of Bradshaw Drive, only means the need to create additional road infrastructure such as widening of the roads, creating turning lanes, car parking, establishment of new greens (which uses no doubt use a lot of water, not bore water). Anzac Oval is irrigated by bore water from under the river not the town supply.
There will also be a need to clear the scrub and ensure that the dust is kept down from prevailing winds blowing dust into neighbouring homes.
A great big fence will be needed in the short term to keep vandals from doing burnouts on the lawns.
Then there will be the ongoing need to keep the fields green, with what town water? As surely there will be no river water nearby.
I’d say leave the oval where it is. A compulsory acquisition against the wishes of the Alice Springs Town Council, rugby movement and traditional owners sounds like a communist government move.
Why not keep the oval where it is.

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Gunner ‘border madness’ costs 580 Territory jobs: TA
As long as all other states keep their borders closed to Victoria and New South Wales we should be right to open our borders once again.
Look at the stats. Do the research and let the people come in.
Just keep out anyone with NSW or Victorian plates.
Or at least force them into a maximum security hotel accommodation for two weeks. The visitors should also pay for their own accommodation. If they can’t afford it then go back to where they came from.

Sex business in residential areas gets the nod
I have said it before but these “businesses” should be only be allowed to operate in the industrial areas like Elder Street or Cameron Street.
Keep them away from residential areas, full stop.
Follow Queensland’s legislation. An operator cannot promise or guarantee that they will have respectable clients attend their services.
They could unfortunately get an outsider not from town who is going to cause trouble.
It could be too late for the police to arrive and in the meantime something could go wrong and the immediate neighbours will be first to know.
Some people might not mind these “businesses” operating in their areas but others will and I will guarantee that one day something will go wrong.
Because selling sex is wrong, full stop.
I guess the only positive thing that could happen is: People sooner or later know where the sex operations are when they see particular cars turning up at odd hours on a regular or irregular basis.
Private investigators could easily hunt down their clients cheating partners.
Like seriously, who would actually go to see a sex worker in a residential area?
One would have to have absolutely no shame. No care in the world if they were found out or not.

Cancellation of fireworks is disappointing: Oppsition
I was looking to see if fireworks were still cancelled this year. I guess they are as most of the websites selling fireworks have not moved on from the 2019.
I am so glad they have been cancelled this year.
It may be a tradition but it’s also a rather silly tradition.
They stink up and pollute the air.
Only good to let off some steam and give satisfaction at the expense of everyone’s local environment (noise and smell).
Most dogs go absolutely insane. Last year it sounded like WW3 here.
The fireworks went off at all hours. Many sounded so close to our place, the bangs were intense.
The neighbouring dogs kept us awake and it was if no one cared that the dogs were barking / howling for they were petrified.
Even trying to sleep was rather difficult with a random bang throughout the night.
One year of peace will be good for all.

Use your dollar to force fuel prices down: Murray Stewart
Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realise there was a Puma up that end of town. I only thought there was the one in Railway Terrace.

Locally owned supermarkets buck crisis with $1m facelift
I enjoy doing most of my shopping at the local East Side IGA, for I can just walk there from home any time including just before 9pm and I feel safe.
I wouldn’t want to walk into town at night to get groceries, let alone park in town past sun down.
I like the fact the IGA meat comes from Milner Road Butcher, for I prefer the meat from the butcher as opposed to meat from WW or Coles.
I find IGA’s vegetables are usually just as fresh, if not fresher than at least Coles.
These IGA local businesses are actually quite busy during the week and even on weekends.
I can usually request stock and get it in fairly quickly, stock that Coles and Woolies don’t have and said they’d get but hadn’t.
I usually see the same staff at the checkouts and they are always happy to serve customers.
I now only go to Coles or Woolies for certain food like cheap milk or occasional specials.

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