Looking ahead one to two years when Australian tourists come …

Comment on Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval by Art Gallery – COVID-19 Risk Management – Outside CBD.

Looking ahead one to two years when Australian tourists come to the art gallery as things get to the new normal.
I would be happier if these highly populated areas visited from around the country were outside the CBD.
If we get an outbreak of any size our hospital will be overrun very quickly. By placing the art gallery in the CBD it becomes a hot spot in the most populated area of Alice Springs – a disaster waiting to happen.
By keeping interstate visitors outside the CBD and not concentrating all to the CBD it will at least mitigate the contamination of our loved ones. Common sense please, Minister Wakefield.

Recent Comments by Art Gallery – COVID-19 Risk Management – Outside CBD

A lonely ANZAC Day, but no less heartfelt
@ Peter: I think the Aussies will change their National Defence Force Day in the future and they should as Anzac does not cover all Australian services and periods, fair enough.
For New Zealand Defence Force, it has flags from different armed services and that’s about it in my opinion.
In the NZ Army we experienced humiliation after Lange basically told the United States to bugger off.
Funding was cut to nothing and when we wanted to participate in exercises with other countries we had to borrow, beg and steal mainly from the Aussies.
Navy squak about HMNZS Canterbury, an old frigate and the only one we have.
For an island nation this is a disgrace, one warship, the other three hydraulic and diving ships.
The United States ignore us as if we have a disease, Aussies have given up on New Zealand as we will not spend anywhere near enough to make us relevant.
You wonder why on Oz TV we never see New Zealand featuring on Anzcac day, its because New Zealand is not part of the defence of the Pacific.
I worry about China and New Zealand’s sovereignty. Three Chinese warships patrolled around New Zealand for weeks and we knew nothing about it until the Aussies advised us. Not good enough.

McConnell to Gunner: Stop name calling
Europe is just coming out of winter, the flu season, COVID 19 is much more transmissible in the winter months, hence the disaster en masse in Italy and Spain.
Who would think the UK would have such devastating numbers with such a small land mass and a 1st World health system?
For the NT the Test will come soon, I see a breakout in July or August 2020 in community as it only takes one infected to infect eight then compounds exponentially.
This is from apathy and relaxing of isolation, this is the test as it can kill many quickly.
For Mr McConnell this maybe one of his last appearances as a Member of Parliament.
The Indigenous industry is finished and members like him also.
What did Mr McConnell actually achieve for Indigenous people that he is unable to work in a team like Labor?

Big demand for camels as drought harms beef industry
We must back people and importantly work on great projects such as this one, Australia would be delighted if this went ahead, what a huge market is out there for those educated in the world economy.
Yet an eco friendly revenue raising and importantly job creating industry such as camel farming we see a voice in the wilderness bringing this to our attention.
Well done to Mr Alan Keeling from Alice Springs, it is his get up and go that has made Australia great and keeping it that way.
Australia just did not happen, it has been built up socially and economically from when before it was in the stone age and not to my liking of a living standard.
I sincerely hope Mr Keeling has Aboriginal support as we hear so many stories of sit down money and the shame and stigma of Aboriginal people endure from lethargic attitudes and an acceptance of a low standard of living.
This fantastic camel resource cannot be wasted in remote Australia, we should support Mr Keeling all others who grow jobs for Australians.
Nice work, Mr Keeling, I expect you should be heard at the highest levels.

10,000 international student target ‘unrealistic’
I have seen many universities. CDU is not one of them.

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