I simply and strongly support the sensible remarks of Desert …

Comment on Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval by Maya.

I simply and strongly support the sensible remarks of Desert Rat on May 9: Desert (Wildlife?) Park land availability, infrastructure in place, the range as a back drop.
The NAAG may revive the already beautiful but slow going park and add art next to it. Magnificent. When tourism starts again in a couple of years post Covid-19, there will be something to come to.

Recent Comments by Maya

Massive military spending: Election distraction?
So we are getting ready for war in the NT, a nice little WWIII concocted by sweet Minister Reynolds?
A defence (or offence) presence to assist our for ever allies the USA in the Pacific?
All these millions and billions for the upgrade of Tindal or Jindalee?
How does this profit the people on the ground, in the bush, how does it allow better performance for our school kids?
How does it reduce the drama of bushfires, the too hot and to long summers and cold winters, or floods after droughts – I am referring to global warming for those who wonder and the lack of actual policy to survive more than the next 50 years.
To what extent we the people have a say in the matter?
At the elections of August 22 who is the leader who will represent us Territorians at the COAG that bears now another name? Many questions.
Please give me some answers.

NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
I am appalled. Whether the population of Darwin and Palmerston has risen and the rest (Alice and bush) has dropped is not the problem.
The question is that the two areas have very, but very different needs and objectives for their survival and their development.
How can one single man or woman be heard in the Parliament of Canberra and represent the diversity of the NT, city life and bush communities, Aboriginal “gap” to be closed, military presence and defence requirements, etc etc … a land with bushfires, floods, drought, mining and cattle, the lot!
To cover the area of the electorate plus the islands, and keep in touch with the people s/he is meant to represent is a mammoth task requiring a superman with red costume and wings.
A bit of common sense please. Two MPs is a minimum, and in fact could be four. Any Bill in sight?

New COVID initiative rehashes old projects
Grants for the rich to get richer. No housing for the homeless.

Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out
Where are the days of Technical Colleges?
There was a very successful one in Alice Springs.
And one day it became a University with Darwin headquarters, two campuses, professors and degrees.
The 1500kms distance between Darwin and Alice and the very low population of the Territory (with Bachelor College in between), does not help the development of skilled professionals in the NT.
Today Alice is left with very limited choices.
Another show of the decadent town we are becoming.
I may suggest to keep CDU for Darwin and recover a good Technical College for Alice.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
I did not read the whole article.
More of the same winging about zero income in this tourist season.
Yes we know, and after the bush fires too. We have it hard.
But we are better off without COVID-19 as we have been able to do so far in the NT, than to have a real wave (not even 2nd wave) just for the income that a few tourists or locals may bring with open borders and open restaurants or caravan parks.
And I assume that these 1/2 million tourists are not waiting at the border to flood the NT and spend their money “as usual”.
These times are not usual.
Tourists are better staying home a bit longer, for the sake and health of the whole nation.

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