In answer to Trevor Sheills’s comment on Pitchi Richi, we’d …

Comment on Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval by Faye Alexander.

In answer to Trevor Sheills’s comment on Pitchi Richi, we’d like to point out that we, Heritage Alice Springs (HAS), is constantly working at the sanctuary.
In the past couple of years we have replaced the roof on Chapman House, launched a Master Garden Plan, held an open day and had a conservation assessment done on the William Ricketts sculptures. This year we have a grant to remove asbestos in Chapman House and another from the Town Council to buy some equipment.
We are also in the process of applying for another grant to do stage one of the garden plan and another for a conservation assessment of the Leo Corbett collection.
It’s big and we’d love your support, so we invite you to become a member and join our committee.
Faye Alexander, Chair, Heritage Alice Springs (HAS).

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Neglected past to get a bright future
According to a story written by Jose Petrick in 2003, Rickets had a small kiln at Pitchi Richi (Alice Springs), but the pieces made were unsatisfactory. Fifteen pieces that were made at his sanctuary in the Dandenong Ranges were transported to Alice and remain in the PR sanctuary.

Papunya’s privilege – freedom and beauty
Wonderful story about a great experience.

Residency is at risk, says heritage group
I too am dismayed at the “Expressions of Interest” being sought to utilise The Residency, on whatever the Government decides is the best money-maker.
I declare that I am on the Committee of Heritage Alice Springs Inc. (HAS), but these are my personal views.
Government House in Darwin was entered on the Register of the National Estate in 1980 and declared a Place of Heritage under the NT Heritage Act. Although The Residency is a less grand place than Government House, it nonetheless holds a remarkable history and is worthy of recognition. HAS is the only organisation that will continue to keep it open to the public.
The Residency will be altered forever if we let the building be used as offices, café or restaurant. Across the road at The Old Court House, visitors are unable to enter the building, as it is being used as offices.
This could be the future for The Residency if the process of Expressions of Interest is continued.

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