One thing is clear, when we all think it is …

Comment on New Normal recipe from the too hard basket by Periodic Lock Down – New Normal.

One thing is clear, when we all think it is back to normal Alice Springs will get a COVID 19 outbreak.
This is inevitable as we have no vaccine and tourists possibly from overseas may return.
Here is what will happen.
We will be ordered to lockdown. Business will need to shut down as in the March and April shutdown.
Once the Virus has been cleared which may take weeks we will then be able to return to usual.
We better get used to this and government and banks be flexible in these situations.

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COVID: Vinnies has many first-time clients
For those that are not able to support themselves from overseas we know this is a difficult time. However, there is a problem that happens all the time with visas later.
The government has advised from April 2020 COVID-19: All visa holders must be able to support themselves while the visa is valid. This is a basic premise on granting the visa, especially for temporary visa holders.
If not it is best to return as soon as possible as not to be flagged.
This means if a visa holder has lost employment not returned home may find their future visas denied.
This is matched via government agencies and reciprocated by other nations’ databases.
Sounds rough but in a year’s time or more when trying to return to Australia it becomes an issue, especially those from ‘High Risk’ countries listed on the DIBP web site. Tough but its reality.

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
The idea of international tourists reviving the local economy is not in line with logical thinking, not even in the long term.
There is no vaccine for the common cold.
There is no vaccine against SARS, avian influenza or bird flu, Mers.
There is no vaccine for COVID-19.
If we cannot find a vaccine for the common cold or influenza, we may never find a vaccine for COVID-19. All the news you hear about a vaccine for COVID19 is to comfort the population.
Have no confusion, COVID-19 kills young and old. It spread exponentially with astonishing speed.
COVID-19 is uncontrolled in Africa, Asia and South America as well as first world countries in areas.
The problem for the tourist industry across the world is COVID-19 is different, it has the ability to infect very quickly and explodes in populations that have close contact such as Aboriginal people in Central Australia.
It also has the ability to kill males over females and does not discriminate on age though the elderly are more prone to death due to underlying immune issues.
As things stand now, cruise ships are a thing of the past.
No country will allow their borders to re-open in the medium term. Such a move in Australia in particular could start a new outbreak across Australia and for the Northern Territory an outbreak would be catastrophic especially for Aboriginal communities
As regretful as it is, tourism is a people intensive industry and will not be in operation any time soon.
Even Australian tourism is dangerous to the Northern Territory. There are pockets of COVID-19 and when this moves around it is like pulling the pin on a grenade. It will explode and kill people.
This is the reality of the new normal.

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
It’s taken years so far to a decision on the Art Gallery. So it is only common sense and democratic to wait until August 22, after the election, to get moving on this issue.
Will it be such a difficult option as to save the bankrupt NT Government and taxpayer millions on court injunctions and other litigation from the Alice Springs Town Council to stop the Labor Territory government from compulsory acquisition and possibly activists protesting any construction?
It may create civil unrest a few months out from an election and that would cloud democracy taking place.
Minister Wakefield by all reports will be citizen Wakefield by August so it would be wiser for her to act in the best interests of Alice Springs she purports to represent.
Labor it seems is trying to poke Alice Springs in the eye before they leave Central Australia.
Maybe Ms Wakefield is joining Mr Gunner and his dissolution of Alice Springs and Central Australia and is moving to Darwin?

Ellery Big Hole? Nah, Litchfield, in the Top End.
Mr Gunner has joined the Darwin Moguls and cares not for Alice Springs or Central Australia.
Coronavirus restrictions should be across ALL NT biosecurity areas and NOT just in the area of Alice Springs.
This is a blatant insult to Centralians and by not answering questions in this regard properly confirms this.
I look at the Labor Ministers and see and hear juvenile poorly educated individuals who really have no business in Parliament let alone politics. It is very embarrassing as the rest of Australia and internationally our Ministers are seen as village idiots.
The idea of building free enterprise and raising living standards are an unintelligible thought for Labor.
Our forebears knew Darwin and Labor in particular regarded Alice Springs as an outpost that is not relevant.
They knew this instinctively and hence why those who work and build Alice Springs became conservative, for Labor is a communist based regime, unable to govern a democracy based on free enterprise. Labor want the collective to pay for its rule of its destructive ideological power mindset. So when Mr Chlanda says: “Labor will have opportunity to explain this conduct in the lead-up to the election scheduled for August.”
I say and feel the people of Alice Springs and Central Australia need to remember this in a couple of months and remove Labor completely from Central Australia.
Let’s build Alice Springs and Central Australia up again: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

NT dismal in State of the States Report
The Northern Territory should be booming its head off, we have a huge flat land that allows easy extraction of minerals, stations with cattle stacked full if we want.
Infrastructure and technology of a first world country.
We are on the doorstep of economies with 7-10% GDP yet why cannot the Northern Territory cut the mustard and take advantage and put us on the road to prosperity?
The truth is those in the Houses of Credit do not trust Territory Government or the Indigenous industry, we cannot provide a investment climate free of Indigenous land claims, courts that take years to settle claims, deals that need royalties paid to Indigenous communities that do absolutely nothing, but turn up to get their free money.
Some government agencies are anti economic growth and are in reality paid activists.
The NT Government dare not oppose as their positions become undermined by Indigenous groups that interfere politically with government.
While we have yes men and women in Parliament from the left in particular, the NT will be relegated to a third world economy propped up by the rest of Australia.

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