Great comment and letter especially in this time of the …

Comment on Stop spending billions on warfare and put healthcare first by Denis Doherty.

Great comment and letter especially in this time of the pandemic where the Government is proposing to engage in a weapons led recovery. Just listen to what the great leader, Jose Ramos-Horta, of East Timor or Timor Leste says: “Freeze ALL weapons exports to ALL developing countries, for the next 10 years … Remember the slaughter of human beings that you enable with your weapons sales. You argue that you attach strict human rights conditions to your weapons exports. Oh please, spare me this which you know is a lie.”

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Defence industry to Alice: get a slice of the action
Great to hear that the Alice wants to be involved in assassinating people in the Middle East through the drone program. Pine Gap an old Girl? No way! Pine Gap has been targetting and assisting US in Wars since 1967! Since 1990 the US has been involved in 160 interventions against countries it did not like with the assistance of Pine Gap and weak Australian politicians.

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