Another fabulous story, Mike. Loving them all, so please …

Comment on A touch of light: native passionfruit by Domenico Pecorari.

Another fabulous story, Mike.
Loving them all, so please keep them coming.
There is a well-established colony of mature wild passionfruit plants along the western side of Chapman’s House at Pitchi Richi, which are thriving despite never being watered.
I have sourced some seeds and am having a go at propagating them, with my fingers crossed.
Planted in a little used part of my garden, the ants should not be a problem but will, as I think you once told me, help combat termite infestation.
Thanks again.

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A touch of light: Winter woodland
Once again, Mike, a big “thank you” for letting us all get to know our amazing local flora and fauna better and for generously sharing your fabulous photos with us.
I’m sure Alice Springs News readers share my appreciation of your efforts. Keep it up.

24 hours to remove election signs
@ Watchn. Only double or triple the signs? They have nothing on Mr Ryan – I noticed SIX! of his signs on just one fence, all neatly lined up in a row.
I wish I’d taken a photo.

24 hours to remove election signs
Ha ha. What a hoot! A fine example of the old saying: “Haste Makes Waste.”

‘Greener, safer, cooler’ CBD designs released
What a monumental let-down.
Following the heightened anticipation, the design presented to us has all the hallmarks of a rushed, half-baked, engineered solution.
We have two steel posts holding up what looks like a folded metal “canopy” with cut-out bits most probably meant to give a “dappled effect”, and fine misters to humidify the air.
Hmmm … sounds awfully like a couple of trees – only in metal.
Completing the design is hard-angled seating that looks as comfortable as Hell, arranged alongside a pedestrian / cycling / dog-walking thoroughfare.
Call me old-fashioned, but I think I’d prefer to spread a blanket in a quiet corner of lawn, under some REAL trees.
Seriously, though, what a missed opportunity.
This important location deserves an iconic, design-rich installation; one that promotes active, not passive public use and which, through its uniqueness, its artistic quality and celebration of cultural values, plays a part in attracting locals and visitors back into the town centre, with obvious social and economic benefits for nearby businesses.
Imagine if this was the site of the proposed WaterPlay park.
It would be close to the town’s central mall, with existing conveniences nearby, ample car-parking and the possibility for hosting food trucks serving food and drink.
A water-centred sculptural design, reflecting the local indigenous culture, carefully sited to take advantage of existing trees, a cooling “waterhole” that would help make our increasingly warming summers more bearable.
We have some brilliant examples of public installations that reflect our local indigenous culture, two that spring to mind being the Gathering Place at the Town Council Civic Centre and the rusty caterpillar at the Araluen Centre.
For the sake of our town’s future, I say: “Back to the drawing boards, boys.”
Alice Springs deserves something much, much better than this.

A touch of light: Aquila audax
Another great read, Mike.
As you know, I too am fortunate enough to live on the very edge of our town’s urban footprint and love seeing the kites and other large birds circling our place.
Whenever one comes very close to us, my wife and I look at each other and mimic an aunt who once visited us and exclaimed: “No birds in Australia.” Ha ha.

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