Mike, thank you. Your pics and stories are a treat. …

Comment on A touch of light: native passionfruit by Franca Frederiksen.

Mike, thank you. Your pics and stories are a treat.

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Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
Why not leave perfectly good buildings in place build an exciting new appropriate structure south of The Gap, in the style of a broad sweeping bridge over the Todd River.
It’s an idea that past resident and creative thinker, Miranda Sage, shared with me.
I’ve just visited a museum built across a river in Maccangna at Lago Maggiore in Italy which prompted me to comment.

Raising the bar: the art of keeping your shop safe
I checked the installations out a couple of weeks ago & they’re just terrific. Such clever use of recycled materials… make sure you swing by & check it out….& the rest of the setup as described above by Kieran. It’s all VERY clever, considered & totally transforms the light-industrial space.

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