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@ Watch Michael Moore planet of the humans: Another silly argument from someone whose only research has been to watch the same film from the same person three times.
And what’s even funnier is that said commenter probably watched it on a smart device or a laptop at some point. Can you guess what those pieces of technology contain?
If you are worried about lithium-ion or nickel batteries poisoning you, you shouldn’t own anything battery operated, because most domestic batteries fall under these two categories.
Also, you would probably have to ingest said battery to be exposed to said elements.

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Solar lights may go
@ Target Practice: I genuinely don’t understand your argument against solar power.
If you are so against “toxic chemicals near human life” then I guess you never swim in a pool, use any sort of cleaning products or drive your car, because of fear of the toxic chemicals involved in the process.
Even your standard table salt is made up of sodium ions, bonded with chlorine ions.
Ever wondered what these toxic elements could be doing to your body? (Spoiler: more than a lithium ion battery would be doing, unless you decided to eat said battery.)
For what it’s worth, one can debate the ugliness or inappropriate nature of these lights, without dragging out baseless and silly arguments about solar power, picked up in a three minute YouTube video.

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Alice Springs crime reporting: Fact and Facebook
@ James: I question how you were raised, if you believe fear is enough justification for an adult to seriously harm a child.
“I’m sorry, officer, I was scared for my life and my possessions, so I beat the living snot out of the child. What? Was I actually threatened? Well … um … you see … about that …”
If you want to know what is wrong with society as a whole these days, I suggest you look at the words you just wrote.

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