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Comment on Solar lights may go by Michael Moore Was a Huge Greeny.

@ Watch Michael Moore planet of the humans: Thanks for the Youtube video on Michael Moore’s expose of renewable fraud. A major revelation.
This is huge and you are right, it changes everything on renewables which is a contradiction in terms.
Moore is world renown for attacking capitalism for polluting the planet and now has done a 360 not a 350 in defining fraud across government and renewables.
No one would have thought Moore and his Greeny mates would have exposed Al Gore and others for profiting from renewable energy and at the same time selling the Greens out.
The cat is out of the bag now.
What is the childish over armchair fellow whatever on?

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Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking
I would like to believe Ms Lambley but I cannot: You can’t run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.
“Territory Alliance maintains it will support a fracking industry in the NT, if it is viable without government subsidies and conducted strictly in accordance with all 135 recommendations from a scientific inquiry into the practice.” ABC News By Felicity James, Posted 10 March 2020.
I simply cannot believe the Territory Alliance party will honour their promises.
Labor said the same prior to the last election that there will be no fracking.
Financial pressure will be applied and Territory Alliance will cave in.
I will not be voting for Ms Lambley’ Territory Alliance as this story has depressed me to the point I feel so betrayed and the planet also.
How can we trust politicians with such furfies so close to an election?

COVID: Trouble in the bush
@ We Cannot Afford This: I feel that it will take a little while but the idea of racist policies against mainstream Australian will become a thing of the past.
I agree that the $33 billion spent each year on Indigenous people will end, how that plays out is fairly clear. There are no funds for remote communities as have been.
The idea of government spending a million dollars on building a house for people who wreck it is unacceptable.
I cannot comprehend the mindset that overcrowding is an issue? The issue of high unemployment and debt means Indigenous communities either become economic or close altogether.
Entertaining the idea of overcrowding and other bleeding hearts at this time is the sign of someone about to be mugged by reality.

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