One word: Ugly. I heard it had nothing to do with …

Comment on Solar lights may go by Karen.

One word: Ugly.
I heard it had nothing to do with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.
The council knew fully about this dumb exercise – was it something to do with Dale Wakefield?
And yes for our so called Mayor to say he’s not concerned about public backlash: Us ratepayers pay your wage and don’t forget it.
Don’t bother running for a seat. You will lose.

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Public cut off from MacDonnell national parks
By looking at the map and hearing a comment from someone I know today it looks like Ross River homestead will have to shut their doors. This decision looks like it is destroying a business so what gives the Health Minster the right to do such a terrible thing. Please follow this up, Erwin.
[I will. Erwin.]

When online shopping could be a life saver
I was disgusted that Woolies stopped online shopping.
Two weeks I’ve had my daughter help me shop at Coles as I don’t want to be there and we get the shopping done quicker.
Today, yes empty shelves, but I’m noticing brands never seen before, at checkouts signs about distance but at the end of every aisle and any other floor space there is a massive protruding display of non-essential items that take away any safe distance.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
Yes. Totally agree, David, the army need to act.
Why aren’t the Central Land Council, Tangentyere and all the other Aboriginal organisations dealing with their camps? They all need to be spoken to severely about what they are not doing.

Pets allowed unless tribunal disagrees: Govt proposal
I am an investor and I already allow my tenants to have a pet but to have this forced upon me has totally taken away my rights.
I own the home, not the tenant. Not every landlord gets a tenant that does the right thing by the owner and that word is respect for someone else’s property.
Natasha Fyles can buy my house if she likes. I can’t wait to get out of the Darwin market.
Well said Darwin Observer.

Train hoppers hurt
What next? We all know charges won’t be laid, hope guardians get seriously spoken to.
If lads were heading home should have left them there unless they are part of the antisocial behaviour happening here in Alice and are attending a “How to behave in society” class.

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