I can see how DIPL is involved, that is obvious. …

Comment on Solar lights may go by Steve T.

I can see how DIPL is involved, that is obvious. Also, Mayor Ryan as I see it raised the matter in the best interest of Alice Springs CBD Development. Not sure how Dale Wakefield is in this?
Nothing has been done by Labor in the last four years I can see except a cloud causing a major blackout.
One thing is for sure I will definitely be voting for the Mayor Damien Ryan, he knows how to get things done in Government.
[ED – We asked “Steve T” let us know what in the Mayor’s 10 years in office makes him assert “he knows how to get things done in Government”. We did not receive a response.]

Steve T Also Commented

Solar lights may go
Apologies for the late reply, I am very serious about putting my vote for Mayor Damien Ryan.
In regard to what Mayor Ryan has done I can only state what I have seen which is in helping small business in relation to issues of the curfew. I did not see Mayor Ryan run out and broadcast his help but it did a lot of good.
For the Darwin observer, I will have some paint delivered to the Berrimah Line for you to utilise or if more convenient I can drop it into the Labor Party office in Alice Springs?
After all, we know Labor maintains the Berrimah Line.

Recent Comments by Steve T

Workers on visas in trouble as businesses close
When I was in Singapore about 10 years ago I had a SingPass to work in Singapore for 12 months, my sector at that time was in oil production.
The oil industry at that time was depressed, I received a letter from the Singaporean Government deeming me an alien because they wanted Singaporeans to be employed and not aliens and advised I had 30 days to leave. I was only there for four months.
If I did not leave I would be imprisoned until I could pay for my flight back to the UK.
Australia is very generous but the law must be adhered to.
For Temporary Visa holders you need to have enough money that is genuinely available to you to pay for your travel and living costs for you and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia.
That means at the end of the day it is best to go back to your home country as if you are found not in accordance with your obligations it will make a future visa difficult to obtain, especially with COVID-19 restrictions that will now dictate travel.
I would go home as soon as possible to avoid a bad record.

Visa holders likely to fall through the COVID aid cracks
The only good thing I see about Corona is we can tell the politically correct to go for a long walk off a short pier.
Foreigners have known for months they are just that – foreigners, and many have gone.
New Zealanders are leaving in droves and that’s good for Australia.
Poms are gone in the tens of thousands. Two million visa holders will be gone by December according to Minister Alan Tudge.
Unemployment will be at 20% and that’s real.
We do NOT want foreigners back anytime soon.
Trump has banned immigration in the United States, I would vote for him!

CAAMA: No news is good news?
It’s true, I tried all last year to contact CAAMA and I began to think Mr Hampton was a secret agent with the capacity to become invisible.
“This extension is not available.”
The poor staff had no idea when I called in and left many messages for Mr Hampton.
I advised a Sydney contact and he did not believe me, so he called for weeks.
Then he believed me but also has no hair left! Was it his complaint that prompted things?

Street kids: What cops can do
Nice to see some people can stand the shopping experience.
My sister moved out of town with her husband and kids because she was in the shops and an Aboriginal kid peed in the corner of the store.
She said the shop people were very quick with mop and bucket to clean up the stink and mess with disinfectant.
She said that was quick and the nice shop people said we have it ready because it happens all the time.
My sister went home called her husband and said we are leaving. That was 18 months ago.

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