@ Domenico Pecorari: I feel pseudonyms are essential in a …

Comment on Solar lights may go by Marina.

@ Domenico Pecorari: I feel pseudonyms are essential in a small town and have bad experiences with people who want to know who are people that oppose their views.
I know the NT Police are excellent in protecting people from those unbalanced and emotional who may have mental health issues.
These are facts and they are ordered every day in the Local Magistrates Court. Convictions?
This is a comments area not an area to pry into people’s privacy.

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Marina Also Commented

Solar lights may go
@ Watch Michael Moore planet of the humans: I thought Moore’s film of wind and solar and the chemicals, massive fossil fuel use to make wind farms and solar panels and the little outcome shows the world the con that renewables is.
All use toxic materials and are expensive to remove as waste.
Over it arm chair battery lover needs to get informed and understand these issues before blurbing unintelligible waste. Wind waste hot air!

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