What has been achieved in the past 150 years? How …

Comment on Better consultation or more red tape? by Colin Saunders.

What has been achieved in the past 150 years?
How much has been spent on the above up till now?
How much more needs to be spent?
Who signs the cheques at Central Land Council?
Charlie Perkins was not authorised to spend money when he was the secretary of the department.

Recent Comments by Colin Saunders

New government: Will you have what it takes?
New government? You can replace the organ grinder but can you replace the monkeys?

Now it’s five
World wide daily deaths from
Tuberculosis 3014
Hepatitis B 2430
Malaria 2002
For which of these diseases are we checked for coming into Australia?
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 88 per day but rising.
How rife is Hepatitis B in Alice Springs?

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
There were no USA troops in the NT in 1942.

The tree or the bench?
It was placed there one morning by a public servant.

Fixing taps or fixing policy?
Hermann, all those skills have not been lost. They remember how to hot wire a car.

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