Tradies idle in Home Improvement Scheme: Lambley



Sir – Alice Springs tradies suffer under the government’s slow processing of Home Improvement Scheme applications.


The $30m scheme designed to help protect the Territory from the deep economic impact of COVID-19 is having the reverse effect in Alice Springs.


Applications are taking too long to process. The vast majority of approved applications are in the Top End.


In the meantime, people who had previously lined up to have work done by tradies have put their work on hold waiting for the outcome of their applications. Tradies who had four to six weeks of usual work queued up, now have nothing.


People are waiting for their Home Improvement grants to come through.


On the May 6 the Treasurer reported only 40 out of the 2400 Home Improvement Scheme applications had been approved.


They are not “keeping tradies busy”, they are destroying local businesses.


They need to allocate extra staff to process the applications and truly get business moving. They have “fast tracked” nothing.


Member for Araluen, Robyn Lambley


PHOTO: Inside Small Business.




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