As ugly as they maybe, why not just put up …

Comment on Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’ by Zac.

As ugly as they maybe, why not just put up with them and save the rate payers from only wasting more money from the removable and relocation of these lights.
Next time ensure there is consultation with everyone, not just jump the gun.

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Government corporation bids for Kilgariff Two
I hope Stage Two is for larger blocks that allow for backyards unlike what looks like 550sqm to 600sqm homes on 700 to 780sqm blocks.
The houses there are practically taking up the entire block and appear to be too close to neighbouring homes.
How can one have cross ventilation of breezes and natural shade of trees on the existing blocks? They can’t!
Whilst some may have solar panels on roof tops, energy consumption for cooling must be crazy with all that concrete and metal.

Sex work would devalue people’s homes
In Queensland it is illegal to have brothels in residential areas.
Brothels are restricted to industrial areas only.
There is then a register of licensed brothels that pay a fee to be able to trade.
Any brothel not on the register that is found or dobbed in to be not registered gets investigated and shut down.
The whole of the NT, not just Alice Springs, should also only have sex work in the industrial areas.

Another nail in the Anzac High coffin
Thanks to the afternoon sun I drove along Schwarz Crescent this evening a little slower than normal.
Whilst driving I noticed demolition had commenced of the old science labs that front the river.
It’s only my guess but I have no doubt this building will be completely demolished within the week or two.

Another nail in the Anzac High coffin
I am not sure when it happened but I was up Anzac Hill this afternoon and noticed the newest two story building at the school has now been completely demolished to the ground.
All that is left is a pile of rubble.

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