@ Betty: Well Betty, as you mentioned, it “present an …

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@ Betty: Well Betty, as you mentioned, it “present an attractive face”. Well all the Town Council folk who make decisions about attractive, need to visit Cowell in SA!
It’s a beautiful spot and the council and everyone takes great pride in the place.
They even have nice paintings in the public loos that are for sale and this works on an honour system.
Hell, if the Alice Springs Town Council could achieve that, we’d all be over the moon.
So ASTC, get off your high horses and measure your performance on a place like Cowell and you may regenerate some pride and respect for the council.

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Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’
Well it’s early days yet, so give the newbies a chance. Robert Jennings seems to have a good head and Sabine appears to have some financial experience.
Hopefully Mr Jennings will sort out the misfits in the council, or will they continue to outsmart him as they did with the former CEO? There is some very bad culture in the town council that goes back many many years.
Anyway hang on for the ride ratepayers and keep paying for services that we don’t receive.

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Why was supervised quarantine not brought forward as Victoria’s outbreak worsened?
@ Evelyne: Agree totally, the fines are a joke. These people are not only risking lives, but also the economy and for what? Pure selfish benefit.
IHMO, anyone who contracts Covid-19 in Alice Springs, should be able to lay claim against the Government for dereliction of duties and not abiding by the due care we all hear about.
If Gunner had any common sense, he would not allow anyone who has been in Victoria within the last month, to enter the NT. We have been very lucky up to now.

$20m offer for native title over five town areas
@ Dan: Here’s an even better question. You say white people are not Australian, but it’s the white people who pay most of the tax (based on population ratio) which pays Centrelink.
So based on your assertion, why do white people have to support the “Australians”?
It is actually a bit more complex than your simplistic idea.

The militarised centre of Australia
“Environment of constant competition” is an excellent and politically correct metaphor for war. Very scary business if you ask me. Good luck with the book Kieran, I’m sure it will be an excellent read.
@2 Frank. Frank AWA defence arm was AWADI (Defence Industries).
Interestingly if they hadn’t put signs up no one would ever really have known. People are curious critters.

Who gets free quarantine here? Wakefield passes buck.
Well, given what is happening in Victoria, all the states and territories would do well to close their borders to anyone from Victoria.
Unfortunately and as is typical, there are a few who are continuing to put others lives at risk by not following isolation protocols. You only need to see the evidence in the police media stats. The selfishness and self entitlement of some people is putting all of us at further risk until harsh measures are adopted.
As unfortunate as it is, these people’s actions are affecting all of Victoria. That being said, the Federal Government should make it law that nobody can enter or leave Victoria until such time as there is a significant drop in the virus numbers.
Gunner, if he had any guts, would close the NT to anyone from Victoria, even if they have only transited and this is people people cannot be trusted. (A bit like the government really.)
At the end of the day, the safety of the many far outweighs the selfish needs of a few.

Bush problems? Nothing they can’t handle.
This looks really cool. As long as the pollies stay out of it, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Good work, Tiani!

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